Babies R WHAT!?

Today was the day!! Yes, I said it! Today was the day!!

I went with my swollen hands and feet on down to Babies R’ Us! I wobbled down aisles upon aisles of baby….Stuff! I mean, there is just so much STUFF! 20 different types of bottles, 30 different types of pacifiers, 18 different strollers and car seats for just one stage of development!!! STUFF STUFF STUFF! 

It made me think back to when I was having my very first baby. My oldest princess. I thought I would die if I didnt have every single item created for a baby. I was very fortunate to be given alot of….stuff.

One of the things I remember most is this very thing:


Then I had my little prince and:


Dont get me wrong. Babies need alot of STUFF!

I just found that we dont need as much as we initially thought we did. Especially, when the clan MULTIPLIES!!!! Stuff is everywhere, all the time. Sometimes its just easier to be simple. Simple is better: Less cleaning, less worrying, less stuff to think about.

But hey, I got the cutest little recyclable bag for registering! It even came with a nice little magazine and my favorite breast pads inside!!!


That’s Totally Supermom!!!!!


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