Ever Tried This!??!!

Have you ever tried this impossible task!?

Have you ever attempted this daring undertaking!?

It’s a nuisance in the rearend!!

A thorn in your hand.

A pain in your side!!!

Have you EVER attempted to paint your toes while being pregnant!? I don’t mean in your first trimester pregnant. I mean swollen toes, big belly having, I can barely see my feet pregnant!!

I attempted to paint my toe nails yesterday! I wanted to look pretty somewhere on my body, so I pick up my favorite bottle of fingernail polish, turned on a good show and then it happened…..

I realized I could barely reach my feet!

So then another problem presents itself…

How exactly am I going to get the polish on my toes!?

When I finally figured it out I noticed that everytime I painted my pinky toe, it would look like I did nothing! That’s when I noticed that I had been smearing my pinky toe on my towel while attempting to paint my big toe!

Well, after fighting with my own body and trying to get my legs to bend in places they wouldn’t, I just did what I could.

I don’t think they turned out that bad.

That’s Totally Supermom!!!



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