What Genius Came Up With THAT!!!!!?


Ok, Its no secret that Im pregnant. Approximately six months pregnant now. My feet are swollen as well as my fingers. My feet hurt. Im about 30lbs heavier than my normal weight, and I am outgrowing my MATERNITY clothes. <—Crazy, right!?

BUT BEFORE this little alien started growing in my uterus, I was a group fitness instructor. YES!! YES!! YES!!! I was exercising on a REGULAR basis! I was active! I was healthy!! YES, I was.

I wanted to continue this way of life in my pregnancy….. and this is how it went…

Months 1-3= Complete sickness! Vomiting, no energy, barely can eat! Zofran is my BEST FRIEND!

Month 4= Recoup from months 1-3

Month 5= Actually feeling pretty good. Let me try to exercise!!

Lets go for a walk!……. I can barely make it out the door!

Lets do yoga!…… I fall over. That center of gravity has DEFINITELY changed!

Ok, swimming!!! I can do swimming……I could feel my heart beating through my EARS AND TOES!

That leaves me with just one question. What genius came up with the idea that you can exercise while you’re pregnant!!!???

I bet it was a man.

I think ill just stay as active as I can and worry about the exercise AFTER I drop this load!

That’s Totally Supermom!


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