Oh, the NIGHT WARS!!!!



I remember when my kids were first born! Oh how I loved them so! I never wanted them to leave my side!

What!? Can you hold them? NO!!! <—- I quickly got over this!!!

I would hold them. Kiss them. Watch them sleep. Ok. Ok. Ok. You got me! I still do these things!!

Its a bitter-sweet experience. I mean, they’re MINE! They’re so darn CUTE and ADORABLE!! 

BUT there are those times…the times when they arent so cute OR loveable OR adorable. Im going to talk about one today. The one that I call NIGHT WARS.

Oh, you’ve never been in night wars?!

Look at the picture! Thats what I call night wars!

My two year old is a little ninja. He has amazing super powers. He can crawl in our bed without making a sound AND without either one of us detecting his movement. YES, HE CAN! Amazing. Jesus himself must have given him that gift!

We wake up in the middle of the night and wonder how/when did he get in OUR bed. He cometh like a thief in the night!

So what do we do to win this war!?

I do nothing! My hubby, on the other hand, will give him a swift kick out of the bed. That’s only if he knows he’s in the bed…Remember my son is a ninja! 

Now, my daughter is a story for another day!! Her super powers have yet to be defined!



That’s Totally Supermom!!



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