A Message on Gunshot Wounds

Forest Gump has to be an American Classic as far as movies are concerned. I mean, Tom Hanks was amazing in this movie! One of my favorite parts of the movie is when Forest is in the Vietnam War. He’s rescuing a fellow soldier when ” SOMETHING BIT” him.

It made me think about the other night when something jumped up and BIT ME!

I was sleeping oh so soundly. I decided to give my body the priviledge of getting a nice big stretch when it happened….


Ok, maybe I wasnt shot, but my Father in heaven knows it felt like it.

I screamed. I yelled. I cried out to Jesus.

Then I realized….

It was a pregnancy leg cramp! I HATE THOSE THINGS! THEY HURT!!!

One thing I learned in my last preganancy was that eating a banana a day helped TREMENDOUSLY with those things.

Hence my new saying…

A banana a day keeps the gunshot wounds away!!!

What? It does.

That’s Totally Supermom


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