The Perks and the Not So Perky!!

Tonight, I took a wonderful trip to my local Earth Fare to take advantage of this new coupon they sent me!

That would be the watermelon for two dollars coupon!! (the watermelon in which I will wait until everyone is asleep to partake of watermelon)

Anywho, while I was there I saw a nice little cute flyer that mentioned free meals. (Have you read my other posts? You know I’m pregnant, right? Free and food in the same sentence? I’m so there!!! Just ask my church on potluck Sabbath)

So as I’m reading the little flyer I see that there are free meals for servicemen! Now, my first reaction is disinterest because generally when the word “servicemen” is used, they’re not talking about my hubby. (He’s a fireman)

But guess what I did?

I read the fine print!! At the bottom in little bitty words it stated that this included fireman!!!

Oh the joy, right!!!! FREE FOOD!!!

I turn to my hubby for him to just be the biggest downer EVER!!!

Oh, he’s not that bad. He just informed me that he would be on shift on Sunday. Yeah, that means no free food for ANY of us.

Can you hear my extreme sadness?

It’s ok. I will be calling the manager tomorrow to see if I can come “pick up” his meal and “take it to him”*wink wink*

Hey, I won’t be fibbing! I will def take it to the fire station where he is!! I’ll just be the one partaking.

What!!??? Don’t judge me! Have you seen the meals at the fire station? We should be judging him for not bringing his oh so beautiful, pregnant, and HUNGRY wife food home!!

No? No sympathy? He is risking his life to save people, huh?

Oh well! It was worth a try!!

That’s Totally Supermom



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