A Place Called Dirt Cheap

I have a confession. I am allergic to retail prices….

I NEVER pay retail….

Not on my clothes
Not on my food
Not on my cars
Not on my house

I hate retail. Let’s be honest here. After we pay the mortgage, utilities, ridiculously high health care coverage, gas, food, and every other non luxury bill we don’t have much left over to work with…..

What are luxuries anyway?

Therefore my allergies developed.

I walked into my local super center and took a look at their prices on school supplies. Eh, not bad I guess, but I knew they’d be cheaper elsewhere and they were.

If you look at the picture, these are the exact same notebooks found in the super center. Sigh. They were .99 a piece there. I paid a whopping $1.90 for all of this.

You do the math.

I’m allergic to retail and that’s Totally Supermom.



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