In the Line of Fire….

I was horrified to wake up one morning and check my twitter account and find tweets about the recent Colorado Theater Shootings. I saw that an old classmate of mine was in the theater that night. She was a few doors down in another theater from where the shooting took place.

Praise the Lord, but that was just too close to home.

Over the last couple of days, Ive been following one story in particular. The story of Patrcia Lagaretta and James Rohrs: A couple who came to see the movie with their 4 month old son and 4 year old daughter. Initially, my thought was “Why in the world would you bring kids that are so young to such a late movie?”

I got over this seeing that I respect that every parent has a different parenting style and set of morals in which they raise they’re children. I have no right to judge how they choose to parent their children.

For the curious at heart:

The couple felt that it was a family movie, the 4 year old loves batman, and had just moved to the area and had very few family or friends, so they all went to the movie together. They have every right to do what they feel is acceptable for their family.

Moving on….

The shooter apparently entered the theater and released a smoke bomb of some sort and began to open fire on the people in the theater.( THATS JUST TERRIBLE) Here’s where it gets interesting to me. John Rohrs places his son on the floor and begins to try to figure out a way to get out. He notices that people were running and falling everywhere. He then decides that it just may be best for him to try to get out the theater, and prays that God will protect his 4 month old son.

He does just that.

He escapes from the theater, makes it to his vehicle, drives to the mall (i believe that was across the street), attempts to call 911, and then begins to try to call his girlfriend Patricia. When asked in later interviews why he didnt try to save his family or go back to rescue them, one of his responses was I knew if I went back I would be killed too. ” What if our kids live and they’re orphans with no parents.” <—really?

IN THE MEAN TIME, Patricia is in the theater. She somehow manages to find her 4 month old son that her boyfriend left on the floor. She is shielding both her children with her body when 19 year old Jarell Brooks trips over them and notices that there is a young woman on the floor shielding her two children. He begins to try to help her out of the theater, when he himself is shot in the thigh. When interviewed about this incident Jarrell replied, ” I dont necessarily consider myself an hero. I just feel like there was someone that was in distress, and Im not the kind of person who would let them be in that situation and me selfishly try to get myself out of the equation knowing that there is someone with two kids. All shes trying to do is protect her kids…As long as I got her out, I was ok.” <— YOU GO BOY!

Why is this so interesting to me? Easy.

1) James Rohrs was holding his son…HIS SON. FRUIT OF HIS LOINS! He put this 4 month old baby down to save himself, and prayed that God would save him.

2) He conscientiously knew that he was leaving his family behind.

3) He consistently mentioned his son in the 10 minute interview, but only mentioned the precious little girl once. I mean, did he worry at all about her or was he sure that Patricia would save her too? (Seriously, If i heard “my son” one more time..)

4) John also mentioned that he couldnt see in the theater… Welp, he saw well enough to boogie his little tail outta there!

5) Patricia was shielding both of her kids during this tragedy. HOW IN THE WORLD did this mother manage to find her baby on the floor in the middle of all that CHAOS!? Those motherly instincts kicked in! I mean, how would she even know he put the baby on the floor?

6) A STRANGER risked his life to save Patricia and her children. A 19 YEAR OLD STRANGER AT THAT! Something John clearly wasnt willing to do.

Last Point

7) After John finds out that Patrcia and the kids are ok, they go to the hospital (I believe Patricia was injured in the shooting as well). He PROPOSES!!!!!….wait for it…wait for it..and she ACCEPTS!?

What in the world!? 

Now I know…I know. Supermom, you never know what you would do in that situation…. and you are so RIGHT!

but this I do know….

The man in Patricia’s life was not willing to protect her OR their children when his life was on the line. ( I think the kids thing bothers me more than anything) BUT A STRANGER!!! A baby at that (19 years old) was willing to protect her, and was shot in the process…

To me, that says alot. I would really take time to think about how much this man really cares about me before I marry him. Clearly he proposed, but isnt willing to give his life for ANYONE.

Even SHE knew to protect her kids, shelter the ones that she loves, and do her best to keep them out of harms way. I fell that SHE was more of a man than HE was. *shrug* Thats just my opinion…and it is MY blog, right?

Seriously, I know we are in a “independent woman” type of society, but MY GOODNESS! I just cant get with the man leaving her and their children without even an attempt to save them.

I respect you sir Jarell Brooks. You acted with such bravery and honor!!

A salute to you Ms. Patrcia Legarreta. You’re Totally Supermom <—- Click on this link to see interview with Patricia and John <—– Click on this link to see interview with Patricia and Jarrell 


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