Hello my name is *bleep*

Hello my name is *bleeeeeep* ( to protect our blogger anonymity, we block the users name) <— i kid I kid!

But seriously…

My name is *bleep* and I'm married to a fireholic. Yes, I said it! A fireholic.

Im married to a firefighter. One who absolutely loves his job.

One who teaches fireholicism ( like my made up word?) for free.

Who fights fires and runs medical calls as a hobby at his local VOLUNTEER Dept even though he gets paid to do it.

Who calls and complains when the kitchen grease fire didn't turn into a total disaster of a fire. One that would've burned the house down. ( he prays they have insurance and can get all new stuff, I guess. *shrug*)

How exactly am I suppose to respond to that exactly? "Oh gee, dear. I'm sorry that family didn't get an absolutely devastating fire so that you and your buddies at the station can feed your fireholicism."?

Who said he'd be home an hour and a half ago. "Dont worry dear. The chief is punctual with time. I'll be back in no time."

BTW. I just saw the picture he posted of the firetruck at the hobby station on Instagram.

He's such a fireholic. And he's the one you would want to come rescue you in the fire. He really loves his fireholicism, has a heart of gold, is really good at what he does, and looks pretty hott in turnouts.( Hott as in attractive not as in temperature. Pun intended)

Now, does his wife like his fireholicism? It's who he is. So, yes.

Now, if only he were paid what he's worth, then maybe I would love it even more. ( I kid…)

That's Totally SuperDad

Ps- what's your local fireman's salary? Is he sacrificing himself physically and financially?

Make sure you show your appreciation.


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