I MUST be crazy

I’ve just given birth to my THIRD child. Yes, third.

The whole time I was in the hospital, all I could think was “I must be crazy.”

Seriously, why in the world would I put myself through this madness again?


Painful contractions.

Epidural. That thing always freaks me out, but I REFUSE to refuse it. No ma’am (or sir) I will always happily ( or not so happily) accept.

The epidural wearing off. (yep happens every time)

And that dreaded pushing. Seriously, my husband has a picture of me crying right after the birth of my daughter. Honey, those aren’t tears of joy!!!!

And let’s not forget all the nastiness we deal with “down there” after it’s all done.

Why would anyone do it three times?

Cause….. They are so worth it.

That’s Totally SuperMom



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