Totally Who??

Let me tell ya bit about myself…

1) I love my life

2) I love my life because im a stay-at-home mom. Mother of three. (2 girls and a boy) And BOY OH BOY do I love the adventure that comes with that!

3) I homeschool my oldest. That’s lots of fun! Field trips whenever we want? Whats not to love?

4)Im a fan of pinterest. That speaks for itself…

5) Wife of a fireman.

6) Independent Norwex Consultant…

7) love to cook

8) love to create

9) Love to learn new things


Ive been called a Supermom on many occasions
hence the name 
But let me tell you, today I dont feel like one.
I honestly feel so overwhelmed. I recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.
She’s so sweet.
Calm gentle spirit…
no trouble at all…
The Problem?
I have three kids.
1) I cant keep a clean house
2) I FEEL that I cant meet all their needs
3) My patience runs thin
4) the laundry pile is higher than my house
5) My two year old refuses to be potty trained (oh thats a story I will tell in another post)
6) My kids decided today that they would bicker ALL DAY LONG
Open moment here.
Today, I just dont feel much like a supermom. I feel discouraged. Very discouraged. I feel like Ill never be supermom again…
After all, Ive had three kids for 7 weeks now. I should know what im doing, right? (totally sarcastic)
It is what it is. Im about to lay my head on a pillow. Say goodbye to this day and pray to my heavenly father that He’ll guide my footsteps.
Thats Totally Supermom

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