My Goodness!

My Goodness!

Ok, Guys. So much has happened since the last time I posted.

Lets see….

It was my anniversary! Hubby sent me on an adventure. He gave me 7 envelopes and I had to go on a wild goose chase around the city to get my gifts. SWEET! Yeah, I know!

I’ll post about it soon!

And then my son turned three…

and sent us literally running behind him in Red Robin….

Yeah that’s def a post that will be coming soon.

And we put our house on the market and had to go on a cleaning frenzy….

What else?


I started a 48 day fitness challenge. Im currently about to close day 8. It has been fun, challenging, rewarding, among other things.

The best part?

Hubby is doing it with me! WHAT FUN!

Im a mother of three wonderful children.

I love them so much and they are so worth every stretch mark I have, but my goodness! The body goes through crazy changes when going through the process of having a baby, and trying to get back in shape isnt easy.


Its that time again.

1)Ive gotten the hang of being a mother of three……
2) My youngest is starting to eat food other than breastmilk.

YES! I can leave for more than 2 hours!

Its time to begin the process of remodeling my body, but here are some things I want to be clear about.

And I hope every woman who reads these words can relate…

If Not…Lets work on that!

I LOVE my body.

The extra weight that I have is from LITERALLY making a baby-bringing life into the world.

My stretch marks are a reminder that Im superwoman.

My body DOES NOT determine my beauty or my worth.

Id stil be beautiful if I were obese…

Im all that and a bag of chips….

Im cake and Ice Cream…

Fitness is my cherry on top!

Thats Totally Supermom


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