And I Think to Myself, What a Crazy AHH Day!

Today was the craziest day EVER!

Woke up and the sun was shining so BRIGHT! And this time there wasnt snow falling from the sky.


I go downstairs…and BEHOLD! Remember that little boy of mine that wont be potty trained? Well, he decided to poop in his pull up, take it off, and put on another one.( HELLO! Does that not SCREAM “i can go to the potty?)

Well, when he took off the dirty pull-up, he left a surprise for me… yes, he did.

On the floor. (Good thing we just replaced all our carpet with hardwood!)

AND THEN… he pooped again…except this time that oozed out of his pull-up onto a chair. (Praise the Lord it wasnt our couch)

Interesting start of the morning.


I have this rule for my oldest daughter: If you come to my bedroom door and its closed. Knock. If i dont answer, GO AWAY

NO THATS NOT MEAN! Its because sometimes im either on the phone and cant get away OR Im putting my youngest down for a nap. If I answer, Id wake her.

SO! You think my oldest followed that rule?

You guessed it.


And did she wake the youngest?


THEN, I was late to a field trip. What a great homeschooler I am.

And i forgot to pack my 3 year old snacks. SO guess what he says as SOON as we get to the building?

You guessed it!

“im hungry”

Big shout out to my friend who bought him some chips cause I clearly not only forgot to pack him a snack, but had no change to buy my son chips out the vending machine.

Later into the field trip, we go into this really nice board room. Nice table and chairs and whatnot. The nice lady gives my little one a drink…and he spills it all over the pretty chairs in that boardroom.

Did I mention that I had to carry my youngest around the WHOLE fieldtrip because she decided she didnt want to be carried in the holster thingy that I strap to my chest? *sigh*

Lets see…what happened next?

OH YES, my kids are hungry. So i decide I would join some of the other moms at the park.but of course my kids are hungry, so we stop to get some sweet and sour tofu from a local restaurant…Only they forgot to give us the sweet and sour sauce to go on the tofu and of course I didnt realize this until Im at the park.

We get to the park and my oldest child ALWAYS has to go to the potty. (Oh, the irony! I have one that wants to go and the other who never goes) So I stop and let her run in…she comes out, I get the kids out the car and noticed that the little one that refuses to potty train is walking gap legged.

I ask, “Do you have stinky pants?” Yeah, you know the answer.

Did I mention my youngest was yelling her head off? No? Well, she was.

Let me tell you. The worse looks you get when you have a screaming baby come from other kids. Yep. I could see their little eyes judging me!

So we finally sit down to eat at the park…and guess what? The lady from my daughter’s gymnastics class is there. Oh, how sweet she is, but we have NOTHING in common, but she likes to talk about these things. *sigh* And of course, she has NO IDEA that all I want to do is eat in peace, but she has to come over and catch up.

I finally finish eating and get to hang a little with the other moms. (Did I mention Im STILL holding my youngest. Not only does she not want to be in the holster, but she doesnt want to be in the stroller either)

I look over to my right and see my friend’s 8 year old, my other friend’s 5 year old, and my little one fussing over a bamboo stick. Now, my little man just cant understand why they wont just hand over the bamboo stick when he requests it. SInce they said no, he decides to try to take it. Well, the 8 year old  is not having that AT ALL.

You will never guess what happened next.

My little one decides that because the 8 year old wont hand over the bamboo stick, he would pick up a rock and throw it at him.

And landed it…

Im an advocate of seeing if the children can work things out themselves before I intervene, but when the rock was thrown…that’s where the line is drawn.

Did I mention that my little one hadnt had a nap? *sigh*

I get up to get  my three year old to apologize and get onto him about throwing rocks…

I stop to say something to the 8 year old, and all he would say to me was “He threw a rock and hit me.”

I REALLY was trying to let him know that I saw it and I was REALLY trying to correct my child’s behavior, but before I could,  he takes off to his mom. *sigh*

His mom was cool about it. (She’s pretty cool) but that was basically the end of the playdate. *sigh*

Im glad Im surrounded by good Moms that understand.

Ok, what happened next. I know something happened.


I had a planning meeting at my church. I showed up 30 minutes late thinking I was on time…

I dont even know how I did that!

Then off to EarthFare for kids eat free night. Yeah, the youngest screamed the entire time. And once again, I got dirty, judging looks from children.

Well, that was my day, and I didnt even give you the detailed version.

And Im not EVEN gonna talk about my 48 day challenge. Maybe I should make it a 49 day Challenge to make up for today….

Tomorrow, our semi-annual trip to the kids consignment sale.

Im sure the trip will be very pleasurable.

yeah, right.

Thats Totally Supermom


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