This Week= Pure Insanity

So, Im just gonna jump right into my story!

Monday was Earth Day! YAY! So I decided that Id hit the gym for a good workout and then have a couple of my daughter’s friends over to celebrate Earth Day.

AND thats what we did.

I went to the gym with 2 other fabulous homeschool moms. We worked out while our kids played in this GIGANTIC play area that the gym has. It looks like a smaller version of Discovery Zone. (Does anyone remember Discovery Zone?)

Anywho, we get our workout done, go pick up the kiddies, see another homeschool mom there and chatted with her for a bit, and then decided on which classes we were coming back to do the next day.

My friend comes to my house and bring some delicious fruit with her. (bless her heart! I LOVE fruit)

I made some Earth Day muffins for the kids to enjoy and we go outside for a little time in the park. ( they were so cute!)

Later that night, I had to get a sitter so I could run out for a bit, and when I returned home she informed me that my little man had gotten sick (thrown up)…all over my couch…and my floor…and the toilet. She had cleaned up the mess.( I have a great babysitter!) Interestingly enough, my son didnt look like he was ever sick! He acted like his same ole self.

Well, as i was getting the kids down for bed, I noticed that I felt really tired. Something just didnt feel right in my body….



My son threw up again!

And then my daughter!

And then my son again!

And then my daughter again!

And then….No i didnt throw up, but my Lord! I got chills, and sore joints, and headaches, and fatigue!

and it basically went like that from Monday to Wednesday. Except on Wednesday, my husband wasnt home to help me or these sick children, but when he returned home….he def was hugging the porcelain!

We all know that we cant cure viruses. So i just decided I would go on a small juice fast until we were back on our toes. V8 vegetable juice, orange juice, and coconut water. The kids had a bit of apple sauce, too.

Today is Thursday, and we’re still feeling a little out of it, but much better!

So, where did all this sickness come from?

I was afraid I poisoned the kids with my muffins.

My friend was afraid she poisoned the kids with the fruit.

But we found out that another friend who didnt come to the house but DID go to the gym….her entire family got sick, and although my fruit friend’s entire family got sick too… We had the same virus as the friend that didnt come by the house.

So we concluded that the kids picked up the bug at the gym.

*wipes forehead* I REALLY didnt like the thought of me possibly giving my children (or other peoples children) a virus.

Thats Totally Supermom



One thought on “This Week= Pure Insanity

  1. Sharon says:

    So, I’m guessing Sarah was either your fruit friend or your gym friend – she was just texting me and telling me that her whole fam was sick all week too!! YIKES. Crazy what a little fun can cost you! Glad it wasn’t the muffins!!!


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