This is a rant.

A rant about clothes.

A rant about the world, moms, and clothes.

Questions? I have some.

1) Is it that deep that I dont wear fancy shoes on a regular basis? I mean, it gets pretty hard to chase after my three kids in uncomfortable shoes. I would like to actually be able to RUN to catch my son before he gets hit by a car.

Oh? Discipline you say? Lets not go there….

2) I attend a pretty laid back church. Is it THAT deep that I dress up on Sabbath? I would like to participate in my children’s worship experience. I would also feel a little embarrassed about showing my “goodies” to my church member’s husband while singing “Jumping Up and Down” in Children’s Church.

Dont participate that way? Not gonna happen.

3) Why is it if I go shopping, I become an automatic fashion rescue mission 007? If its cute AND comfortable, Ill wear it. If its in any way uncomfortable, doesnt look good on me, or immodest (tight, short, or anything that I would have to tell my daughter that she couldnt wear) I wont wear it. PERIOD.

Oh, Im a grandma? Your opinion doesnt matter.

You know, I would like to live a life of balance.

When I have the funds to shop, I do. When I dont, I dont. When youre married to a public service employee (fireman) and choose to stay home, these things sometimes happen.

I just want to give my kids as much of me as I can, without taking from myself.

Lets be real here. Ive had THREE kids. That means my wardrobe changed THREE times!

After three body changes, it gets a little tricky.

There’s the” breastfeeding wardrobe” vs the “once the milk has dried up wardrobe”.

You gain and drop cup sizes and cant wear certain clothes due to…lets say…lack of accessibility.

Then there’s the “my baby left me with this fuller figure” wardrobe vs ” what happened to that figure wardrobe”

You once couldnt wear a certain top or pants due to the tire of belly fat around your waist , or the butt you gained carrying the bowling ball! Then its gone…or changes…and your left trying to figure out what clothes and sizes fit you best. That totally changes your shopping techniques!


Im just having fun, and Im not worried about my clothes. Unless I feel i need to.

But one thing I can tell you.

Im shining bright within.

No matter if I had on the hottest outfit on the market, if I dont shine bright within, I wouldnt feel good about myself.

Id rather shine within. Wouldnt you?

PS- I dont look like a grandma and my opinion is all that matters.

Thats Totally Supermom



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