Feelings Arent Facts, Honey.

In my experience in homeschooling/SAHM-hood, Ive often received messages from family members, friends, and even the stranger on the street, that I really dont do anything….well…important.

There is nothing challenging about what I do.

Nothing exciting.

Im just lazy.

Wasting talent.

Doing nothing.

My contribution to the world is very little.

At first, it use to bother me. I mean, Im raising my children. That’s an amazing contribution to this world- A world that promotes the separation of family.

Have you met my kids?

There’s nothing boring about any of them. And with these set of kids, it would be more lazy of me to go to work.

I promise.

I pour blood, sweat, and tears into these kids. How is that wasting talent?

And Im never home, so I REALLY dont understand the whole “you dont do anything” mentality.

There are so many reasons I love staying home with my babies:

1) I havent missed any of their milestones.

2)  I get to know them in a way that I wouldnt if I sent them to school.

3)They get to know me in a way they wouldnt had I sent them to school.

4)Im a part of their daily learning experience: Physically, Mentally, Spiritually, and Emotionally.

I mean…Do I need a list? I REALLY LIKE MY KIDS!

What I most appreciate about staying home with my children is what it does for my CHARACTER.

Not just learning patience.

Or better ways to discipline.

But the REAL stuff!

I had to do some serious reflecting this week.

My daughter and I were doing Math this week. As we were doing the lesson, I noticed her eyes were getting a little watery. After asking what was wrong, I found out that she felt that the work was too hard. She was discouraged. Now, My daughter is in third grade and beginning the first stages of algebra. Problems that look like:

x+y= 10

x-y= 8



Much different from the usual 24+10=      or      9×9=

She felt it was hard. Too hard. She wanted to quit.

So, you think you know where Im going? Continue reading…

I pushed her through the lesson and when she had completed her required problems, she wanted to know her grade.

She buried her head in my lap fearing of what my answer would be.

I pulled up her grade, and showed it to her.

What was the grade?


She looked in awe. How could she have possibly gotten an A? She felt that she had done so terrible!

Ah ha! Feeling Arent Facts!

I held my daughter close and explained to her how talented she is. Brains, Beauty, Athleticism, and can already cook made-from-scratch pancakes.- her husband is gonna hit a gold mind if I must say so myself!

Things get hard. But just because they feel hard, doesnt mean you arent 100%. I loved her up and filled her love cup with other affirmations.


After the discussion, I had to really think about that. Where does she get off thinking that she is anything other than 100%!?

Then it hit me.

I needed to take a look in the mirror.

Dont get me wrong, Im not talking about academia here. Im talking about life.

How many times have I walked down different paths in life thinking that I was not 100%?

“Oh yes, I painted that picture, but that doesnt make me a good painter…but thanks for the compliment on my painting.”

“Oh yes, I took that picture, and that picture, and that picture…but that doesnt make me a good photographer.”

“Oh yes, Ive broken several statistics without the help of significant people, but that doesnt mean im a good role model or that people look up to me.”

And the list goes on and on and on.

Whats your deal? Do you FEEL that your arent as good as your are?

Well, Feelings arent facts, Honey.

Look in the mirror and give yourself credit where the credit is due.

Honey, Thats Totally SupermomImage


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