Tomorrow is My BIRTHDAY!

Im excited that tomorrow is my birthday.

Celebrating ** whole years of living! (Did you REALLY think Id tell you?)


I asked my daughter if I could sleep in tomorrow and she and my sister (17 yr old) get up and take care of my two youngest children. She said yes.

Now lets see what REALLY happens.

Anywho, I was thinking to myself about the next year ahead of me and what Id like to accomplish.

You know, just for me.

Lets see what did I come up with?

1) Id like to do more things for myself. For example, Id like to take a night away from my children at least once a quarter. Just me. Time to think and breathe in the quiet. Id also like to do more things with my friends- more girl nights or lunch dates. Feel me? But the thing that has been on my mind recently, is running a 5k, HOLD UP! Lets make this clear. I HATE running. Its not my thing, BUT Ive been seeing these cool 5ks. One called the “Color Run” and the other called something like “Neon Vibe”. The thought of paint being tossed on me seems like so much fun!!! Doesnt it? I laugh at myself.

2) Id like to lighten my load. I think Im involved in too much. I think I shall get off of a few ministries and just devote more time to myself and my family.

3) Well…. thats about as far as Ive gotten.

*shrug* Im sure Ill think of more!
Thats Totally Supermom


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