Who Wouldve Thought???

So you all know (or may not know) that Im trying to sell my house.

Its a beautiful thing.

When my house is ready to show, it GORGEOUS!


Because its CLEAN!

Yes, indeed.

But there’s something I learned about having a clean house.

Im sure youre wondering what….

Ill tell you.

I learned that you CANT find ANYTHING in a clean house!!!

Yes, you read right!

Here are a few dialogues between my family and I.

Hubby: BABE!!!!!! Where are the wipes?

Me: I dont know. They arent on the floor!!


Hubby: BABE!!!!! Where are the keys!?

Me: I dont know. They arent on the counter.

And another

My 9 year old: Mom, I bent my needle on the sewing machine. Can I have another one?

Me: I would give it to you, but since we cleaned up, I dont know where it is.

and yes…another one.

My 3 yr old: Mommy. Wheres my butterfly book?

Me: I dont know. Its not in your bed. (ususally in, and under the mattress. Dont ask me how it gets there)

Let me tell you, having a CLEAN house has done wonders for my mood, my mind is much clearer, and there is less work to do….


I cant find a DARN THING!

That’s Totally Supermom


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