Yes, Im Thankful For…

Yes, Im Thankful For...

Ive read tons and tons and tons of posts this month on thankfulness.

Im thankful for this..

Im thankful for that…

Most were the same ole same ole…

You know, Im thankful for food, clothes, shelter, family…

And Im not knocking it. Those are GREAT thing to be thankful for, but I never had the opportunity to put my not-so-conventional list together…

Here we go:

1) Im thankful that when I turn on the hot water….its hot.
2) Im thankful that the toilet flushes. (yeah I said it)
3) Im thankful that when I put stuff in the freezer, it freezes.
4) Im thankful that when I turn the key in the ignition, the minivan cranks. (yes, Im an honorary member of the minivan caravan.)
5) Im thankful that homeschooling is at home.
5) Im thankful that when I flip the switch to the “on” position, the light comes on.
6) Im thankful that when I go to the grocery store, there are groceries there. (Lord knows Id be hungry if they werent.)
7) Im thankful that Jamie Grace has a song called “Hold Me” (Wo oh oh oh oh oh)
8) Im thankful that a mirror reflects back my reflection. (How crazy I would look if it didnt)
9) Im thankful that baby wipes are wet.
10) Im thankful that grocery bags are free. (except at Aldi.)

Im thankful for my wonderful husband and children, to be alive, and have food, too.

I thought that was a given.


Happy Belated Thanksgiving

Thats Totally Supermom


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