Say What??!!!

Say What??!!!

You know, Im a rebel.

A die hard REBEL.

I take that verse in the Bible that says to not be like the world to heart! (Dont know it? Romans 12:2)



Why do you ask? Why RENEW?

So that you may prove what is GOOD and ACCEPTABLE and the PERFECT WILL OF GOD.

WILL OF GOD! <—- That right there!

Alot of Christians view this verse as describing the difference between a life with Jesus Christ vs one without him.

I look at it a little differently.

See, i have a dream of not being like the world, and my children not being like the world, and my marriage not looking like the marriages of the world.

Yes, I want to be different, unique, odd, weird…whatever word youd like to choose.

One the ways I do this is by not getting caught up in what the world does.

And I dont care what you have to say about it.

My kids dont watch Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, or Nickelodeon.

I dont flood them with the latest and greatest special gadgets and clothing.

They dont listen to anything on the radio. Just because its appropriate for my ears, doesnt meant its appropriate for theirs. Im not inconvenienced by turning the radio off to shield their ears.

I dont choose my children's friends. They do. When they no longer feel the need to be friends with a child, I trust them.

I do my very best not to leave them at other peoples houses. And when I do, its a WELL trusted friend/family member.

No sleepovers.

And if you show me ONCE that I cant trust you with my children, you wont get the opportunity to show me again.

I have rules also known as boundaries set up for my children. I set these boundaries, so that the goals that God has given me for my family can be reached.

And what interesting is alot of people dont get it.

Ive been called overprotective.

Ive been told I shelter my kids. (I never get this one. Arent I suppose to do that? What sense does it make to expose children to foolishness, and then punish them for acting accordingly.)

Ive been called overly religious. ( I REALLY laugh at that one)

Among other things.

But there are some things I dont complain about in my kids.

I dont complain about the company my children keep. They choose pretty good friends I must say.

I dont complain about my child rolling her eyes, talking back, or being mouthy. I understand that I dont have a teenager yet.

I dont have to worry about what my daughter is thinking. She tells me. (Although I CHOOSE to worry about it anyway. I know. I know. Working on that.)

I dont have to worry about boys, YET. I know its coming, and it should. However,Im not dealing with it. Not with my 9 year old.

So, when people who have these issues AND complain about them have something to say to me. My response is usually, " You say what now?" In other words, "HUH? What are you talking about?

Ive noticed that kids are growing up faster and faster. Whats the rush? Why train a child to like certain things and be a certain why, and then be angry with them and discipline them harshly for being just that.

By beholding we become changed. "And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord,are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another. For this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit." 2 Cor 3:18.

What are our children beholding?
If they listen to a song, theyll become like the song.
If they watch a show, theyll become like the show.
If their closest friends do it, they'll do it to.

Makes no sense to me to let them behold something you dont want them to become. Including those character defects within ourselves.

Yeah, butnthats another topic for another day.

Thats Totally Supermom


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