Everything is Different When…

Everything is Different When...

Youre married to a Firefighter.

Yep. Everything.

Ive been working on a few goals for the New Year. Yes, I am.

BTW, whats up with all the anti-resolution memes going around?

Anyway, One area in particular that Id like to give a facelift in 2014 is my cooking/cleaning schedule.

I was browsing Pinterest trying to find some things that can aid with my vision for the New Year. I noticed that nothing really fits my lifestyle. LOL

And REALLY, some of these cleaning schedules, who REALLY cleans THAT much!! Im just trying to make sure my dishes actually go in the dishwasher, my laundry actually gets washed AND folded, and my family has healthy cooked meals.

Seriously, that dust on the fan is just gonna have to wait until I notice it AND have time to clean it.

My husband works 24 hours at a time and then is home for 48 hours (and trust me when I say that 24 of the 48 is spent getting him use to the HOME system and off the Firestation’s system).

Theres just no way to develop a system for that!!

No day looks the same.

How do I create a cleaning schedule or meal plan with my help gone every 24 hours???? And when it returns, the help has its own agenda because its been gone 24 hours.

Guess Ill keep scrolling through the wonderful boards of pinterest until I find something close enough to my needs.

Thats TotallySuperMom


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