365 Thankful Day 2

Day 2

My Husband.



This is my husband, Michael. What an amazing man he is! 

FireMike is what they call him. 

He’s strong and brave and smart and kind and loving and sweet, and generous, and hard working and fiiiiiiinnnnnne!



Every Sabbath, my husband goes to Sabbath School with my children. He doesnt just sit there.

He sings, dances, plays, oooos, ahhhs, and whatever else my kids like.

They love that  he’s there.

They never have to ask him to be there.



He’s the dare devil, Im the safe one.

Yes, this is him showing my children how to cut sticks with knives.

I was very nervous.

He was not.

Im thankful. Id never take a risk if it werent for him.


 We have matching para-cord bracelets. This reminds me of how talented he is.

Learned to play the guitar by ear. 

Can fix almost anything.

Can build almost anything.


When he took our daughter to the Father-Daughter dance.

Took off to take her. 

Danced with her.

Wish I had a Dad like him.


Homeschool Dad!!! He attends MOST field trips.

Here he is at the pumpkin patch. He played with the children all day!!!



He’s so much fun!



He never takes that necklace off. 

A Gentle reminder of his life choice.


Day 2 is dedicated to you, Boo. My TotallySuperDAD.

Im Thankful.

Thats TotallySupermom


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