Strange Things FireFighter’s Wives Say

Strange Things FireFighter's Wives Say

Just got off the phone with my Firefighter. After the conversation ended, I began to think back on similar calls.

Its rather strange to be the wife of a fireman. You find yourself saying things like:

“Oh, that great dear! Im glad you got to fight that fire even though the house burned to the ground.”

And then after that you say:

“I hope they have good insurance.”

You also say things like:

“Oh, gee dear. Im so glad you got to run that call where that person died 3 times.”

Are you scratching you head?

Sometimes when I hear myself, I say, “What did I just say?”

I dont want someone’s house to burn down or a family member to die.

However, my husband has this thing for bringing people back from the flat line, and walking into hot furnaces.


Thats TotallySupermom


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