Thankful 365 Day 3

Thankful 365 Day 3 – Makenzi


This is Makenzi, my first born.

How precious is she!!!



S a natural country girl with an amazing spirit. She has the most amazing love for animals of all kinds.



Fearless! LOL. She is so much more brave than her mother!





She has the most amazing smile. One that can brighten up and entire room!







Introvert. Can you tell in this picture? Shes teaching me so much.

She doesnt like alot of public attention, but loves snuggling.

She will stay up for hours reading books, and going on adventures in her mind.






Can you believe that this child can cook? YES.

Omelets? Check.

Grits?  Check.

Made from scratch pancakes? Check.

Thats just to name a few things. 

This is all without any help from me. From turning on the stove to sitting down to eat!



She’s an gymnast. Girly gets serious on the bars, floor, vault, and beam.

Seriously, she wont even smile or wave at me.



This is a picture from the “Fun Run”. She perseveres. 

She can easily run a mile…

or run most of a mile…

Anyway, during this event she unexpectedly caught a cramp. This really discouraged her, but she pulled it together and finished the race.

Let me tell ya, she finished with plenty of children behind her. 

Shes an artist.

She a visionary.

Shes a scientist.

She’s amazing.

She’s my daughter.

So proud to be her TotallySupermom


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