Confessions of Motherhood!! With a Great 48 Update!


Saw this on Facebook! Couldn’t help but slap my knee with laughter!

So, I had to share it with you!

How many of these have you done?

mommy confessions

Great 48 Update:

Day one: Had to rush the kids to an 8am dentist appointment. Hubby was gracious enough to make me a smoothie on the go. By 10:30, I was ready to devour whatever I could get my hands on. I didnt. For lunch, I had a sandwich and a salad. Although later in the day, I may have mistakenly, gotten a quesorito-no meat add potatoes- from Taco Bell. (I know *cringe*) Later that night, I ate stovetop popcorn for a snack. I added hot sauce on it so I could FEEL like I was eating junky! LOL

About that exercise… Does chasing around my kids count? No? Ill do better on Day 2 (which is today)

I did talk to God. Not as much as I should have but I did.

I also did a little something special for myself.

I kept most of goals. Not all…47 Days to go.

Progress. Not Perfection.

Thats TotallySupermom


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