God’s Glory via 2016 NBA Finals?

Today. Yes, TODAY is Game 1 of the 2016 NBA finals- Warriors vs Cavs.

My buddies and I have this trending “joke” on facebook where we’ve prayed for Steph Curry and the Warrior’s success their last two games against the Oklahoma City Thunder. We assembled the prayer warriors. (ha!)

Here is a glimpse of what was in those prayers:

These were from my buddy from college, Kevin, of Simple and Splashy.

“Lord I come to you early this morning thanking you for life, food and shelter. I only come seeking one request…help the Warriors as they go to battle tonight dear God. (Yes Lord!) Remind the world that giants, they die. The bigger they are the harder they fall. Give Curry the spirit of David to defeat those Goliaths tonight dear God. Give the bench the peace that passeth all understanding tonight dear God! (Yasssss Lord!) Turn that loud thunderous arena to the Tower of Babel so there will be nothing but confusion on that Thunder bench. Lord we know you do not like arrogance. Humble Russell Westbrook, put a lid on that basket for him. The same for Dion Waiters, but let Roberson get about 6 points since he seems like a nice guy. Lord my requests are simple, as you know the memes, gifs, and emojis waiting for me if we get eliminated. I don’t want to see another cloud lord. I’ve been harassed with Jordan crying face memes. They put Jordan crying faces on my Curry shoes Lord God. I have confidence you will not forsake your servants. In Jesus name I pray, amen.”

I made sure I added the hearty, “All things are possible through Christ Jesus!”

and a “Give them the breath of life, God- that they may run and NEVER get tired!”

That was for game 6….The one that they WON in Oklahoma City! Yes, they did.

But then for game 7:

“Lord it’s me again. Tonight is the big night, win or go home! Help the Warriors defeat the Thunder once and for all! You’ve brought them this far from the depths. Help the Oracle arena to will them to a commanding lead from start to finish. Help the Warrior bench to have the best game of the season and for confusion to spread amongst the Thunder and their bench! You told us no weapon formed against us shall prosper! We’re expecting a harvest. We have active faith. We’re humble (except for Draymond but you’re working on him). Send your angels to battle with them tonight because we know with you we have the victory! Touch Andrew Bogut, dear God. Be with his hands so that he will catch passes, rebound, block shots and make LAYUPS & FREETHROWS. Keep the fouls to a minimum. Don’t allow the refs to reward Westbrook with a foul when he’s running out of control falling into ppl. Or jumping sideways to draw fouls. Help Livingston to know his role and not over do it. Bring back Harrison Barnes’ confidence and accuracy. Help us to lift that trophy once more! Amen”

I mean, the Warriors came back from a 3-1 deficit to win the Western Conference Championship. Clearly our prayers worked.

Some people laughed, others said Kevin had issues (Stephaholic was the diagnosis), but I had absolute faith that they would win. I didnt doubt one bit.

As a matter of fact, I told my husband the whole day before game 6 that the Warriors would win. I constantly tweeted “#warriorsin7”!

Its all fun and laughs but…

Im serious. Dead serious. No really, Its a convo I truly had with God in my heart. (I think Kevin did, too) I really wanted God to be glorified through games 6 and 7.

How? Steph Curry makes it very clear that he is a man of faith. Faith in Jesus Christ.

and so is his wife Ayesha whom he met at youth group at his church.

Sure these videos arent a true reflection of Stephen Curry’s faith, but he makes it no secret.

Steph wrote “I can do all things…” (a reference from Philippian 4:13 of the bible) on his high school basketball sneakers.  And even does this fist-bump-to-chest-point finger- in -the -air motion every time he scores to symbolize where all his abilities and blessing come from.

Stephen Curry

Im serious, guys. I want the Warriors to win. Not just because I like Steph Curry, but deep in my heart, I REALLLLLY want God to be glorified through him. Think about how many people watch the NBA Finals every year. How many people will wonder why he beats his chest? How many people will look him up on youtube and see his highlights, his family, his kids, his journey, and be inspired?

How many people can he point to God through his excellence in basketball and character?

How many young boys will he show that its cool to marry the girl before you make her a mother?

I like Steph, but I desire in my deepest of hearts for God to use the “Baby-faced assassin”to show people how good life is with God both in your successes and your failures.

I think we often forget that God can use anything to win a soul. I once was told that God really doesn’t care about basketball, that his hands are probably tied with more important things. I beg to differ. God cares about what I care about, and he surely cares about the winning of your soul. Why wouldn’t he use basketball as one for many tools in his belt to get our attention.

 I love that He’s that way. 

That he cares so much about little ole me.

Ill be tuned in tonight…along with my prayers.



Thats Totally Supermom





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