If you have to buy it on credit, you cant afford it. ~ Dave Ramsey (paraphrased)

I have a yearning for the hearts of my children.

We live in a world where companies PURPOSEFULLY market to children. They plant seeds in the hearts of our kids to long for whatever the company is selling.

Cereal, bikes, video games, mac and cheese!!

They even sell the dream that if you buy this thing, you’ll be happy.

Which is very believable. We teach our children this same thing through our behavior.

When I get that new car, Ill be happy.

When I get that new phone, Ill be happy.

When I get that dream house, Ill be happy.

Feeling down? Ill buy me something new, now im happy. 

We create the gimmies in our children because we have the wannas.

We buy them clothes they dont wear. Toys they dont play with. Rooms decked out in the latest Disney or Nick Jr characters.

We even chastise them for messing up those clothes they didnt ask for in the first place.

What happened to practicality? Living within your means? Being content with what you have? Thankfulness for what God has given.

We seek entertainment and worldly treasures.

Surely God doesnt want us to live without, but I do believe that He wants us to appreciate the simple things. Those things that really arent things.

Im learning these lessons, and I hope to plant bigger seeds than the ones that are planted by the masters of marketing. 


Just as the rich rule over the poor, the borrower is slave to the lender.  Proverbs 22:7

Thats Totally Supermom

Birthday Freebies

Picture taken from http://nikolainuthouse.com/

Picture taken from http://nikolainuthouse.com/


I told you guys in Devine 29 that it was my birthday! Today I want to share with you birthday freebies!

All of these are absolutely free and only require you signing up for their email list. (unless otherwise specified)

If you hate the junk mail, my suggestion is to make a new email address for the purpose of receiving these emails,check them around your birthday,and go get your birthday freebies!!

Here are the ones I received this year:

Sonic- Free tots and drink

Moes- Free Entree

Brusters- Free scoop of ice cream

Ruby Tuesdays- Free burger

IHOP- Free Rootie Tootie Fresh and Fruity

Soup Plantation/Sweet tomatoes- 20% off

Schlotzsky’s- Free small sandwich

Which Wich- Free Sandwich

Souper Salad- 50% off

DSW- $5 off

McAlisters- $5 off

Applebees- free dessert

Baskin Robins- Free Scoop

Jason’s Deli- $5 off

Jersey Mike’s- Free reg sub and drink (must bring coupon on the day of your bday)

Firehouse Subs- Bring your ID in on your bday and get a free sub

Ryans- Buy 1 Get 1 free

Barnes and Noble has a free cookie or muffin for kids as well.

Ok, ok, ok. You got me.Its mostly free food, but who doesnt like free food?!!

There is no purchase necessary. You walk in and get your food for free. No taxes. No purchasing requirements. All of these I have received and used myself!

It has become a tradition in our house! Everyone gets to go out and get freebies on their birthday!

Enjoy lunch on them on your bday!

Maybe you can get socks at DSW?

Thats Totally Supermom