Great 48 Challenge

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Tomorrow Ill be starting the Great48 Fitness Challenge. I saw this last year on instagram. I believe it was started by the instagramer (Is that a word?) @getfitorgetfat.instagramIcon_400x400

Here what you do:

Set boundaries for yourself in exercise and diet,Then, for 48 days, eat and exercise around those boundaries. Everyone sets their own goals. There isnt a blue print to follow.

So her are mine:

1) I have a tendency to skip breakfast, so for the next 48 days my boundary is to at a minimum have a smoothie for breakfast. When I do eat breakfast, I will make sure they are clean eats. Ex. A bowl of granola with soy milk or a boiled egg and toast.

2) I will eat one big meal daily which will be lunch. In that meal, I will make sure at least half of the meal is raw food.

3) Dinner will be simple foods like popcorn, healthy cereal, or fruit.

4) I will exercise in some form daily. On days when I “dont have time”, I will at a minimum do the Seven App. Check it out, its free.

Ive decided to add a spiritual and self-rewarding component to this challenge.

1) Every morning I will present myself to God. I will talk to him like he’s my friend, and ask for his guidance throughout the day.

2) I will do something for myself daily. I will create something, exercise my talents, pamper myself, etc.


Tomorrow is Day 1.

Will power Lord, will power!!!

Thats TotallySuperMom

Who Wouldve Thought???

So you all know (or may not know) that Im trying to sell my house.

Its a beautiful thing.

When my house is ready to show, it GORGEOUS!


Because its CLEAN!

Yes, indeed.

But there’s something I learned about having a clean house.

Im sure youre wondering what….

Ill tell you.

I learned that you CANT find ANYTHING in a clean house!!!

Yes, you read right!

Here are a few dialogues between my family and I.

Hubby: BABE!!!!!! Where are the wipes?

Me: I dont know. They arent on the floor!!


Hubby: BABE!!!!! Where are the keys!?

Me: I dont know. They arent on the counter.

And another

My 9 year old: Mom, I bent my needle on the sewing machine. Can I have another one?

Me: I would give it to you, but since we cleaned up, I dont know where it is.

and yes…another one.

My 3 yr old: Mommy. Wheres my butterfly book?

Me: I dont know. Its not in your bed. (ususally in, and under the mattress. Dont ask me how it gets there)

Let me tell you, having a CLEAN house has done wonders for my mood, my mind is much clearer, and there is less work to do….


I cant find a DARN THING!

That’s Totally Supermom

What Genius Came Up With THAT!!!!!?


Ok, Its no secret that Im pregnant. Approximately six months pregnant now. My feet are swollen as well as my fingers. My feet hurt. Im about 30lbs heavier than my normal weight, and I am outgrowing my MATERNITY clothes. <—Crazy, right!?

BUT BEFORE this little alien started growing in my uterus, I was a group fitness instructor. YES!! YES!! YES!!! I was exercising on a REGULAR basis! I was active! I was healthy!! YES, I was.

I wanted to continue this way of life in my pregnancy….. and this is how it went…

Months 1-3= Complete sickness! Vomiting, no energy, barely can eat! Zofran is my BEST FRIEND!

Month 4= Recoup from months 1-3

Month 5= Actually feeling pretty good. Let me try to exercise!!

Lets go for a walk!……. I can barely make it out the door!

Lets do yoga!…… I fall over. That center of gravity has DEFINITELY changed!

Ok, swimming!!! I can do swimming……I could feel my heart beating through my EARS AND TOES!

That leaves me with just one question. What genius came up with the idea that you can exercise while you’re pregnant!!!???

I bet it was a man.

I think ill just stay as active as I can and worry about the exercise AFTER I drop this load!

That’s Totally Supermom!

Ever Tried This!??!!

Have you ever tried this impossible task!?

Have you ever attempted this daring undertaking!?

It’s a nuisance in the rearend!!

A thorn in your hand.

A pain in your side!!!

Have you EVER attempted to paint your toes while being pregnant!? I don’t mean in your first trimester pregnant. I mean swollen toes, big belly having, I can barely see my feet pregnant!!

I attempted to paint my toe nails yesterday! I wanted to look pretty somewhere on my body, so I pick up my favorite bottle of fingernail polish, turned on a good show and then it happened…..

I realized I could barely reach my feet!

So then another problem presents itself…

How exactly am I going to get the polish on my toes!?

When I finally figured it out I noticed that everytime I painted my pinky toe, it would look like I did nothing! That’s when I noticed that I had been smearing my pinky toe on my towel while attempting to paint my big toe!

Well, after fighting with my own body and trying to get my legs to bend in places they wouldn’t, I just did what I could.

I don’t think they turned out that bad.

That’s Totally Supermom!!!