There is something. Everyone has something. Deep within that their entire being desires to accomplish. Often times the bare necessities of maintaining life and order require that we put those visions for ourselves aside; sometimes for the very sake of survival. Other times, we’ve forgotten or maybe have never dreamed at all. Either way, there is something greater than ourselves urging you to accomplish that very dream.

Never put it down.

Go after it.

Work on it daily.

Don’t allow it to die.

Even when we don’t have the financial ability, if we search, there are always steps to take towards the vision we yearn for ourselves.

Sometimes, we have to prioritize what’s most important, and what’s most important in your world is the fulfillment of YOU.  It makes you the best version of yourself to the world.

I am capable of meeting and healthily balancing my physical needs and my family’s needs without sacrificing my soul’s needs.  I don’t have to sacrifice my dreams for anyone. I am able to figure it out.