Its Been a While, Again.

Im really terrible at this.

I love blogging.

I love talking about my kids and expressing my random thoughts.

What am I terrible at?


I create these grandiose ideas in my head. Perfectly executed. And when I fail, boy oh boy, the pity party I will have.

Usually , I get down on myself about how inconsistent I am.

How ADD I am.

Why cant I just get it together.

I learned recently that Im ok.

Its ok.

Ill try several dozen times.

Ill fail.

And Ill get back up again.

Ill always make the choice to get back up again.

SEE! That’s consistency!

And thats TotallySuperMom


First Day of School!!! Uh…Two Days Ago!

Two days ago was the first day of school in the Sedlacek home. This year I decided to wait until after my oldest daughter’s birthday to start. Every year, I want to do first day of school pics and dont. I determined to not do that again this year. I headed over to pinterest which landed me HERE, and I printed out these cool signs. They were originally pennants, but oh well! At least I took the pictures! LOL!


My Oldest Baby

My Oldest Baby

He really surprised me. We wont be fooling with pre-k for long.

He really surprised me. We wont be fooling with pre-k for long.

Baby girl. Cute as a button.

Baby girl. Cute as a button.


Thats Totally Supermom

Staying Focused- The Vision Wall

Hey guys! See, I told you I was back!!!

In 10 Things That Happened While I Was Gone I had LOTS to share with you that I wanted to show you later.

This post will cover numbers 2, 3, and 7. Mostly 7.

I have trouble staying focused. Ive learned that my goals are consistently the same, but I really struggle with remembering to execute them. For that reason, I usually start the year strong and by December forget all about it. The goal is still something im passionate about and burns within my soul but I rarely get it done the way I would like, not because I dont want to do it, but I just get distracted VERY easily for various reasons.

One year, a good friend of mine (HEY CANDACE) invited me to a vision board party. We went to this nice boutique with our poster boards and magazines to make vision boards. Guys, I was soooo confused! LOL What am I suppose to do with these magazines? Cut what out? For what? LOL!! I did eventually create what is now my yearly tradition. I even sometimes have a party of my own. Ive expanded and now instead of a board, I have an area.

Come with me as I give you a tour!

Vision Wall

This area is located in my room on a small wall.


The above picture is a shot of the entire area. Its on a small wall in my bedroom, so it looks like my “office”…a very creative office. Some call it organized chaos. Let me tell you, everything means something. Every spot. Every piece of paper. Even where its placed. Its all for a purpose. I call it my little heaven. The banner over the top says, “Thats Totally Supermom”. You get it? You will by the end of this post. It was given to me by my wonderful husband that threw me a supermom party.

The Green board is 2013’s vision board.

2014 Vision Board

                  2014 Vision Board

Above is my vision board for the 2014. I unconsciously have placed a center piece in every vision board Ive made. I realized this after looking over my past few vision boards. This year the center piece is that piece of paper that says “It will change my life”. Everything else surrounds it, and is divided into sections. Top Right- focuses on me. My dreams. My health. My fitness. My eating habits. Bottom right- friendships, artistic goals, reminder to read and let go of what I cant control. Bottom- Summer Vacation (Did it), the desire to travel (kind of did it), wanting a new couch (got one) among some other household items. Bottom left- My spiritual life, plugging into the power God gives (I need to work on that) Top Left- Some family goals. Top center- Goals for my marriage. *wink wink*

I know some people that will change their board to go with the changes throughout the year. I dont do that because I like to see how Ive grown in the past year. So as I change, I add stuff around it.

Reminds me of who is in control and who my power (in my vision board) comes from.

Reminds me of who is in control and who my power (in my vision board) comes from.

Given to me by my church women's group.

Given to me by my church women’s group.

Here is a close up of one of the really special things on my wall. My name was inserted in the Bible verse Jeremiah 29:11. It really touched me because it was so personal. Almost as if God himself was talking to me. I also found my love cup being filled just because the ladies took the time to do this.


Helps me remember to relax, and bust a sweat. :-)

Helps me remember to relax, and bust a sweat. 🙂

If you can read the pink heart and enjoy watching “The Sound of Music”, you may get a kick out of that.

Sometimes I need a reminder to do those things I love.

Sometimes I need a reminder to do those things I love.

Gum Package

Gum Package

This was given to me by a really good friend. It was so simple but so special. It made the wall. 🙂


So now, you got to see my vision wall, my mint colored desk that I refurbished, and my orange walls. Really Guys, it was a totally accident gone fabulous.(The walls)

But here’s really why I do my vision board:

Matthew 6:22-23 (NIV)- The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eyes are unhealthy, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness!

My vision board is the light to my eyes. It reminds me daily of my purpose, my goals, my worth, my love, and the list goes on. It gives me perspective. Stay positive, Court. One day at a time, Courtni. Get your tail up and work out. Yes honey, its ok to leave your kids to go do things that make you happy. You like what you do, remember? You dont need affirmation from the world to do what God tells you. God doesnt call the equipped, He equips the called.

How’s your Vision?

Thats Totally Supermom

(Did you get it?)




We Really ARE Super!

Today, I had an early morning appointment. That meant that my wonderful husband would then be responsible for making sure that my oldest got her schoolwork done.

And that he did.

When I returned from my appointment, my daughter was just finishing up her Spelling. I sat with her a bit, and put the finishing touches on her school work. We then prepared for our planned outting at our local YMCA.

As my wonderful hubby was putting the kids in the van, I noticed that my little boy wasn’t in his pool attire. I asked my hubby if we were still planning to go swimming. He replied that we were. I mentioned that it may be easier if he dressed the kids for the pool before we left.

When we arrived at the Y, we realized that we were a tad bit LATE! Ok, really late! That meant that we had to switch up our plans a bit.

I wanted to workout, but realized that I hadn’t eaten all day.

That’s terrible, I know. And if you don’t think it’s terrible, shame on you! You should take better care of yourself. (Talk about the pot calling the kettle greasy!)

As I realized I hadn’t eaten yet, I looked over at my hubby and asked had he prepared anything for lunch.

He answered, “No, because I was busy with things like school, getting the kids dressed, and worship this morning.”

This didn’t fall well upon my low blood sugar (because IIIIIIIIII hadn’t eaten) having self,and I began to wonder some things.

I wondered:
1) why is it that my husband never fails to ask ME what’s for lunch when I’ve been busy the morning of with things like school, worship, and getting kids dressed. I must admit that he’s pretty good about not having a bad attitude if I didn’t cook, but REALLY appreciates the fact that I do.

2) Does my husband think it’s easier to change the kids at the pool than to have them go to the pool dressed in pool attire? That hasn’t been my experience.

3) why do I have to remind hubby to not make the chilli too spicy because our daughter won’t eat it, or the noodles too mushy cause our son won’t eat them?

4) why do I have to give him reminders of the daily routines and on what day what child has what activity.

And then it hit me.

Because he’s not a TotalSuperMom….

He’s a TotalSuperDad!!!!

I never have to remind him to change the oil, the tires, or cut the grass.

He takes out the trash, sets it on the street on the day of pickup, and does the same for the recycling bin. This doesn’t get done if he’s not home!

He works hard to make sure I have the fund to pay the bills, take road trips, homeschool, and feed our family.

He’s a Total Super Dad, inside and out.

The fact that he can do what he does as well as he does is an amazing trait in a husband! I mean, he got the kids dressed and the school work done! (He wanted me to add that the kids were fed, too.)

And you know what?

No one can do my job as well as me!!

And that’s Totally Supermom

And for this post Totally SuperDad, too.

First Day of SCHOOL!!!!

Its that time of the year again. School is starting all over the country! It starts for my children tomorrow.

Yes, tomorrow.

School starts….tomorrow.

I have to be honest with you… Im a little anxious. A little nervous. A little afraid.


Well, I homeschool. I feel this way every year.


Because, I want to do well. I want my children to enjoy themselves.

And of course every year they do…


Im always anxious to start the new year!

Well, here we go! Bedtime is near!

So, I think Ill watch a bit of The Cosby Show to lift my mood a bit. Comedy tends to do that.

Keep ya posted on how it goes!

Thats Totally Supermom!