There is something. Everyone has something. Deep within that their entire being desires to accomplish. Often times the bare necessities of maintaining life and order require that we put those visions for ourselves aside; sometimes for the very sake of survival. Other times, we’ve forgotten or maybe have never dreamed at all. Either way, there is something greater than ourselves urging you to accomplish that very dream.

Never put it down.

Go after it.

Work on it daily.

Don’t allow it to die.

Even when we don’t have the financial ability, if we search, there are always steps to take towards the vision we yearn for ourselves.

Sometimes, we have to prioritize what’s most important, and what’s most important in your world is the fulfillment of YOU.  It makes you the best version of yourself to the world.

I am capable of meeting and healthily balancing my physical needs and my family’s needs without sacrificing my soul’s needs.  I don’t have to sacrifice my dreams for anyone. I am able to figure it out.  

10 Things That Happened While I Was Gone

 Hello Everyone,

Its been a while since Ive posted.

Lets see…

1- I moved…twice. Twice in 4 months to be exact.

2.I painted the inside of my new house orange and absolutely loved it!

3. I refinished a desk and painted it mint which pops greatly against my orange walls. *giggle*

4. I planted a garden using the Back to Eden method. Made my garden so much easier to maintain.

5. Speaking of gardens, I learned not to plant 5 cucumber plants next to each other. (Pics coming soon)

6. I also learned not to plant a watermelon plant next to the cucumbers.

7. I now have a vision wall that gives me life! Ill post about that soon.

8. I started and didnt stick to a healthier lifestyle plan more than a dozen times.

9. I learned that breaks are like air and food. I have to take breaks in order to survive.

10. Random but Fourth of July came around and I crafted with my children. We made cute little handprint flag shirts.

I think I’ll be forever catching you guys up on everything that has happened, but here’s something that I discovered that seems to stick out above everything else.

I was feeling rather discouraged guys. VERY discouraged. I questioned if I was a good mother, a good Christian, a good friend, a good wife, and sometimes a good person. I counted all my faults, and none of my gifts. All of my defects of character and none of my good deeds. I was struggling. I desperately needed guidance. I found it.

Matthew 6:33 says, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.”

Its a common quoted verse. Ive read that verse over and over again in my life, but this time it really struck me. Earlier in the chapter, Jesus is telling us not to worry about what we would eat or drink or what we would wear. Clearly if nature goes without want, we would be taken care of. Even in our sinful nature, we know how to give food to our children. Doesnt God want to give that to us. 

Ive always read this verse as God provides. Yes, I know. I know God provides. It was redundant, but this time I REALLY heard it. 

This verse says:

Courtni (Supermom), dont worry about if youre a good mother, seek me and you’ll be one.

Courtni (Supermom), dont worry about if youre failing your children, seek me and you’ll be a success.

Courtni (Supermom), dont worry about if you have the money to cover that bill, be a good steward, and Ill take care of the rest.

Courtni (Supermom), Its ok that you made that mistake, seek me and Ill help you out of it.

Courtni (Supermom), dont worry about if you are a good wife, seek me and Ill make sure you have the tools to make you a good wife.

Courtni (Supermom), dont worry about all those things that are on your heart, give them to me, and Ill supply the solution.


I saw the intimacy in this verse. I saw it!

I also discovered that I have a bad habit of trying to handle everything all on my own.

He says just ask.

Im doing my best to remember that.

Thats Totally Supermom

Fourth of July T-shirts

The babies in the flag t-shirts they made. They werent that excited when I pitched the idea of doing the shirt, but were totally siked at the results.



We Really ARE Super!

Today, I had an early morning appointment. That meant that my wonderful husband would then be responsible for making sure that my oldest got her schoolwork done.

And that he did.

When I returned from my appointment, my daughter was just finishing up her Spelling. I sat with her a bit, and put the finishing touches on her school work. We then prepared for our planned outting at our local YMCA.

As my wonderful hubby was putting the kids in the van, I noticed that my little boy wasn’t in his pool attire. I asked my hubby if we were still planning to go swimming. He replied that we were. I mentioned that it may be easier if he dressed the kids for the pool before we left.

When we arrived at the Y, we realized that we were a tad bit LATE! Ok, really late! That meant that we had to switch up our plans a bit.

I wanted to workout, but realized that I hadn’t eaten all day.

That’s terrible, I know. And if you don’t think it’s terrible, shame on you! You should take better care of yourself. (Talk about the pot calling the kettle greasy!)

As I realized I hadn’t eaten yet, I looked over at my hubby and asked had he prepared anything for lunch.

He answered, “No, because I was busy with things like school, getting the kids dressed, and worship this morning.”

This didn’t fall well upon my low blood sugar (because IIIIIIIIII hadn’t eaten) having self,and I began to wonder some things.

I wondered:
1) why is it that my husband never fails to ask ME what’s for lunch when I’ve been busy the morning of with things like school, worship, and getting kids dressed. I must admit that he’s pretty good about not having a bad attitude if I didn’t cook, but REALLY appreciates the fact that I do.

2) Does my husband think it’s easier to change the kids at the pool than to have them go to the pool dressed in pool attire? That hasn’t been my experience.

3) why do I have to remind hubby to not make the chilli too spicy because our daughter won’t eat it, or the noodles too mushy cause our son won’t eat them?

4) why do I have to give him reminders of the daily routines and on what day what child has what activity.

And then it hit me.

Because he’s not a TotalSuperMom….

He’s a TotalSuperDad!!!!

I never have to remind him to change the oil, the tires, or cut the grass.

He takes out the trash, sets it on the street on the day of pickup, and does the same for the recycling bin. This doesn’t get done if he’s not home!

He works hard to make sure I have the fund to pay the bills, take road trips, homeschool, and feed our family.

He’s a Total Super Dad, inside and out.

The fact that he can do what he does as well as he does is an amazing trait in a husband! I mean, he got the kids dressed and the school work done! (He wanted me to add that the kids were fed, too.)

And you know what?

No one can do my job as well as me!!

And that’s Totally Supermom

And for this post Totally SuperDad, too.

First Day of SCHOOL!!!!

Its that time of the year again. School is starting all over the country! It starts for my children tomorrow.

Yes, tomorrow.

School starts….tomorrow.

I have to be honest with you… Im a little anxious. A little nervous. A little afraid.


Well, I homeschool. I feel this way every year.


Because, I want to do well. I want my children to enjoy themselves.

And of course every year they do…


Im always anxious to start the new year!

Well, here we go! Bedtime is near!

So, I think Ill watch a bit of The Cosby Show to lift my mood a bit. Comedy tends to do that.

Keep ya posted on how it goes!

Thats Totally Supermom!