I will see the best in my child and the best in myself.


Whatever Comes Our Way, We are Strong and We are Brave.

My beautiful minivan (yes, I said minivan and I also used the adjective beautiful) completely cut off on me! I didnt notice until I hit the gas, and it did nothing.

I turned the van off and turned the key to crank it again.


I repeated the before stated process.


Repeated again about 10 times and nothing.

So, as the people in the vehicles around me were expressing their displeasure that I missed the light, I called my wonderful husband, the firefighter. Im so thankful that I just so happen to be at the very edge of his department’s district. It was his opportunity to rescue me instead of a stranger and that he did. He and one of his fellow firefighters pushed me out of the middle of the busy busy busy street!!

Long story short we were very close to our church and some church family helped us get my precious minivan to the church parking lot.

As all of this was happening, a few things happened:

1- I began to think about how much it would cost to tow and fix the van. (we knew it was the alternator-whatever that is, and I was very far from home or our mechanic)

2- I began to think about how much money was in the bank.

3- Well….Mainly I just went back and forth between 1 and 2.

God is so smart! He knew this would hapen and had impressed me a few weeks prior to start reading a book called “Parenting by the Spirit” by Sally Hohnberger. In the book Sally says this:

Many parents, who have never had a genuine RELATIONSHIP with God, are asking their children to “be good” and fight against Satan without a vital connection with Jesus. How can our children war against powers and principalities without Christ? They cant! We are asking them to do the impossible, and then labeling them rebellious and disobedient when they fail. How crazy we are to send our child to battle with Satan alone, unaided by Divinity

That got me to thinking. I have a relationship with God, but is it sufficient enough to fight against Satan? Is it where I could teach my children how to have a quality relationship with God?

She also says:

One of the biggest¬†tasks¬†we face in parenting today is to help our children¬†overcome wrong habits of thinking, feeling, or reacting and to lead them into right habits in these areas. Without God’s help, this task is impossible. Therefore, He must perform IN US the very work we wish to see performed in our children…..

I just so happened to have read the second quote the morning that my van died. I decided that I was going to make a conscious decision to trust what my God says in His Word.

Isnt God HILARIOUS!!! The morning I made that decision…


The Test.

So I decided to change my thinking. Instead of worrying about money, Id stand on His Word.

He said he’d take care of me.

He said to not worry.

He said to not be afraid.

So, I wasnt.

I was numb! LOL!!!!! Just NUMB! I felt nothing! LOL

I was pleasantly surprised by what he used to minister to me.

He provided me transportation for that day and the next WITHOUT ME ASKING. Thats a whole notha’ post, yall! I was so touched.

But what was even better…..

What he used to melt that numb feeling into joy!

So, we’re riding home and I decide to turn on some music for my babies. I chose this VBS song:


We will trust, trust in GOD ALONE,

We will stand, stand upon HIS WORD,

and WHATEVER comes our way,

We are STRONG, and we are BRAVE.  


I cant depend on my bank account.

I cant depend on my husband’s job.

I cant depend on my family.

I have to depend on God ALONE.

Knowing that WHATEVER comes my way…

I can be STRONG and BRAVE.

He has my back.



Im one step closer to teaching my children how to depend on God.

And guess what? God provided the funds to fix my beautiful van, too!

Happy Sabbath, Yall.

Thats Totally SuperMom

Its all in how you carry it. Let that load GO! Picture taken from Pinterest:

Its all in how you carry it. Let that load GO!
Picture taken from Pinterest:

Its Been a While, Again.

Im really terrible at this.

I love blogging.

I love talking about my kids and expressing my random thoughts.

What am I terrible at?


I create these grandiose ideas in my head. Perfectly executed. And when I fail, boy oh boy, the pity party I will have.

Usually , I get down on myself about how inconsistent I am.

How ADD I am.

Why cant I just get it together.

I learned recently that Im ok.

Its ok.

Ill try several dozen times.

Ill fail.

And Ill get back up again.

Ill always make the choice to get back up again.

SEE! That’s consistency!

And thats TotallySuperMom


Confessions of Motherhood!! With a Great 48 Update!


Saw this on Facebook! Couldn’t help but slap my knee with laughter!

So, I had to share it with you!

How many of these have you done?

mommy confessions

Great 48 Update:

Day one: Had to rush the kids to an 8am dentist appointment. Hubby was gracious enough to make me a smoothie on the go. By 10:30, I was ready to devour whatever I could get my hands on. I didnt. For lunch, I had a sandwich and a salad. Although later in the day, I may have mistakenly, gotten a quesorito-no meat add potatoes- from Taco Bell. (I know *cringe*) Later that night, I ate stovetop popcorn for a snack. I added hot sauce on it so I could FEEL like I was eating junky! LOL

About that exercise… Does chasing around my kids count? No? Ill do better on Day 2 (which is today)

I did talk to God. Not as much as I should have but I did.

I also did a little something special for myself.

I kept most of goals. Not all…47 Days to go.

Progress. Not Perfection.

Thats TotallySupermom

Great 48 Challenge

Ice cream runner card

Tomorrow Ill be starting the Great48 Fitness Challenge. I saw this last year on instagram. I believe it was started by the instagramer (Is that a word?) @getfitorgetfat.instagramIcon_400x400

Here what you do:

Set boundaries for yourself in exercise and diet,Then, for 48 days, eat and exercise around those boundaries. Everyone sets their own goals. There isnt a blue print to follow.

So her are mine:

1) I have a tendency to skip breakfast, so for the next 48 days my boundary is to at a minimum have a smoothie for breakfast. When I do eat breakfast, I will make sure they are clean eats. Ex. A bowl of granola with soy milk or a boiled egg and toast.

2) I will eat one big meal daily which will be lunch. In that meal, I will make sure at least half of the meal is raw food.

3) Dinner will be simple foods like popcorn, healthy cereal, or fruit.

4) I will exercise in some form daily. On days when I “dont have time”, I will at a minimum do the Seven App. Check it out, its free.

Ive decided to add a spiritual and self-rewarding component to this challenge.

1) Every morning I will present myself to God. I will talk to him like he’s my friend, and ask for his guidance throughout the day.

2) I will do something for myself daily. I will create something, exercise my talents, pamper myself, etc.


Tomorrow is Day 1.

Will power Lord, will power!!!

Thats TotallySuperMom

First Day of School!!! Uh…Two Days Ago!

Two days ago was the first day of school in the Sedlacek home. This year I decided to wait until after my oldest daughter’s birthday to start. Every year, I want to do first day of school pics and dont. I determined to not do that again this year. I headed over to pinterest which landed me¬†HERE, and I printed out these cool signs. They were originally pennants, but oh well! At least I took the pictures! LOL!


My Oldest Baby

My Oldest Baby

He really surprised me. We wont be fooling with pre-k for long.

He really surprised me. We wont be fooling with pre-k for long.

Baby girl. Cute as a button.

Baby girl. Cute as a button.


Thats Totally Supermom

The Unschooled Homeschooled Slave

Im inspired. 

Im so inspired…..

There just arent any words to explain whats going on in my head.

I had the privilege of visiting the campus of Tuskegee University where the George Washington Carver museum is located.

George Washington Carver 4

We mostly know George as the peanut guy. That great inventor that made a bunch of stuff out of peanuts, and taught at that HBCU where he showed people how to grow stuff. Thats true, but today…. Im inspired.

Ive know a bit about George. 

I knew he was born a slave.

I knew he never knew his mother.

I knew he gave himself the name “Washington” because there was another George Carver that he was constantly being confused with.

I knew he was accepted into college and then turned away once administration realized that he was a black man.

I knew he was offered a significant amount of money to come work for Thomas Edison and turned it down.

I knew he had hundreds of inventions but only patented a few.

I knew George was an amazing individual….

But today, I was inspired.

George Washington Carver 2

I knew George was a sickly child that wasnt capable of doing much manual labor, so he spent alot of his time in nature. Observing. Playing. Exploring.

I knew George had a love for agriculture and knowledge… But today, I was inspired.


George Washington Carver

This man was so amazing at what he did that everyone who was anyone wanted to learn from him. Thats an amazing accomplishment for the time in which he lived.

Lets think about this…

HE WAS BORN A SLAVE!! He was suppose to be a nobody.

HE WAS UNSCHOOLED!! Meaning, he really learned alot through nontradional education Рwith no instructor. Teaching himself. Now, dont get me wrong. He received some traditional education, but in his early years, he was an unschooled homeschooler!

He did a little of EVERYTHING. This man was dedicated to educating his people.

He taught them how to grow their food.

He taught them how to cook the food they grew. (He even had a book, “40 Different Ways to Cook Cow Peas” or something similar) Do you know what cow peas are? Me, either.

He taught them how to raise animals.

He even taught them how to use scraps of fabric or feed bags to weave pieces to beautify their homes!!

He taught them how to make NOTHING into SOMETHING!

George Washington Carter 3

He was a painter. He learned how to take clay and make dyes out of it. He was in Montgomery, AL and found a sort of blue in the clay. Some kind of way (using some form of science), he took the blue out of the soil and used the color for paint. This was something that alot of businessmen wanted to capitalize on, but George wasnt interested in commercialization. Crazy, right?

OH YEAH!  I didnt mention he wasnt just a botonist, but also a painter!

He was a health nut! (no pun intended) 

“There is probably no subject more¬†important¬†than the study of food in relation to their nutrition and health.¬†To understand them, one must know them chemically, botanically, and dietically… I have no taken a pill, powder, salts, or oil as a purgative for the last 30 years. And it has been quite 35 years since I was in bed sick. I regulate myself with¬†vegetables, fruits, and wild herbs, natures¬†remedies, which God intended we should use.” – George Washington Carver

AND A SCIENTIST! His first lab was made out of scraps from the trash pile!

George washing carver 5


But more than anything he was a man of God.

“I indulge in very little lip service, but ask the Great Creator silently, daily, and often many times a day to permit me to speak to him through the 3 kingdoms of the world which He created- the animal, mineral, and¬†vegetable¬†kingdoms- to understand their relations to each other and our relations to¬†them and to the Great God who made all of us” – George Washington Carver

I am inspired. 

Inspired to fulfill my purpose as he did.

Inspired to turn off the technology that dumbs today’s world, and explore God’s three kingdoms with my family.

Inspired to take time to “indulge in very little lip service” and ask my Creator to speak to me.

Inspired to not be concerned with financial gain, but be more concerned about how I can give my purpose to others.

Im inspired to bring my soul to canvas. (paint)

Im inspired to not look at what I dont have, but rather make use of what I do have.

Im so inspired, and Im so thankful for the opportunity to learn more about Mr. George Washington Carver, A real American Icon, and my homeschool hero!

Thats Totally Supermom


If you have to buy it on credit, you cant afford it. ~ Dave Ramsey (paraphrased)

I have a yearning for the hearts of my children.

We live in a world where companies PURPOSEFULLY market to children. They plant seeds in the hearts of our kids to long for whatever the company is selling.

Cereal, bikes, video games, mac and cheese!!

They even sell the dream that if you buy this thing, you’ll be happy.

Which is very believable. We teach our children this same thing through our behavior.

When I get that new car, Ill be happy.

When I get that new phone, Ill be happy.

When I get that dream house, Ill be happy.

Feeling down? Ill buy me something new, now im happy. 

We create the gimmies in our children because we have the wannas.

We buy them clothes they dont wear. Toys they dont play with. Rooms decked out in the latest Disney or Nick Jr characters.

We even chastise them for messing up those clothes they didnt ask for in the first place.

What happened to practicality? Living within your means? Being content with what you have? Thankfulness for what God has given.

We seek entertainment and worldly treasures.

Surely God doesnt want us to live without, but I do believe that He wants us to appreciate the simple things. Those things that really arent things.

Im learning these lessons, and I hope to plant bigger seeds than the ones that are planted by the masters of marketing. 


Just as the rich rule over the poor, the borrower is slave to the lender.  Proverbs 22:7

Thats Totally Supermom