Shaun Livingston: A Living Testimony

Have you ever heard the song “Living Testimony”?

If not, here ya go:

The words are “I am a living testimony. I couldve been dead and gone, but Lord you let me live on.”

Well, let me tell you about a fella named Shaun Livingston whose career should’ve been dead and gone.

Im just saying.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Phoenix Suns

Nov 27, 2015; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry (left) reacts alongside teammate Shaun Livingston against the Phoenix Suns at Talking Stick Resort Arena. The Warriors defeated the Suns 135-116. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Livingston was a straight out of high school first round draft pick in 2004. He turned down an offer to play at Duke in exchange for the NBA draft. He was the 4th pick overall, and considered the number one point guard in the nation in his draft year.

Life was looking good for young Shaun Livingston until…..

You guessed it. He got injured. Just 3 short years after his draft year, he suffered a massive knee injury. Im squeamish, so when I saw the video of the injury…

Well, lets just describe the injury:

Torn ACL, Torn PCL, Torn MCL, and a dislocated knee. Injuries so dreadful that doctors thought they would have to amputate his leg. AMPUTATE HIS LEG!!!


That would mean no walks in the park, no bike rides, and most importantly no basketball using his own two feet. It took Livingston 3 years to fully recover from this trauma to his knee.

But even when he was back on his feet, he fought JUST TO STAY IN THE NBA.

Listen guys. Livingston’s history with the NBA is so complicated, that I just refuse to write it all here. Lets just say this…Brother, would get picked up and dropped by teams that barely would win 20 games a season. No one wanted him. So bad that he went to the NBA’s D-League (Development League)..not for long, but he went.

Sidebar: Did you know his teammate Fetus Ezeli played in the D-League, too? I didnt. . Also, his teammate Steph Curry’s little brother, Seth Curry, played in the D-League and was signed by the Sacramento Kings. (I knew that one)

Anyway, back on topic. What an incredible journey! Im so impressed with his determination to not abandon his dream. If you have time, go check out his history in the NBA. Its tough.  I can only imagine the feelings that come with constant rejection. Especially coming from a young man that was a first round draft pick.

One minute you’re a franchise player, and the next no one cares.


But in comes God…

He puts Shaun Livingston on the Cleveland Cavilers for part of a year, then the Brooklyn Nets for a year, and finally settled with the Golden State Warriors. There he won his first Championship in 2015 AGAINST the Cleveland Cavilers. Oh, the irony!

God is funny. I wonder if Livingston thought he would ever become an asset to a team again? I mean, in Game 1 of the 2016 NBA finals, he came off the bench and scored 20 points. Yeah, those prayers worked :).

God always finds value in us. He values our time, our efforts, our talents, and who we are as individuals made in His incredible image. Fearfully and wonderfully made, he says (Psalms 139:14).

He understands our pains, our daily struggles, our lack of self-worth, and even our sins.

Most importantly, he understands the journey. He is Alpha and Omega. He knows the Beginning to the End, and he sets everything in motion. He doesnt allow anything to come our way that we cant have victory over in His mighty name.

We are the evidence that he exists, and that he’s in the miracle making business. Shaun Livingston should not be playing basketball in his second NBA Final. He shouldnt be walking on his own two feet. He shouldnt be on the same team with the best 2 shooters in the world (Steph Curry and Klay Thompson), but he is because He is.

Did you catch that?

God wants to do and be something special in your life. He wants to open doors for you, offer forgiveness for all the shame you hide in your closet, bid you an opportunity to do great and marvelous things, and ultimately make you a living testimony of who HE is.

You are made in His image. That means you’re exceptional, and He desires to give you a purpose to match His ideal. Lets be honest, we cant even think on that level.

“Higher than the highest human thought can reach is God’s ideal for his children.”

We dont know why God allowed Livingston to have such an awful injury, but we do know for sure that “All things work together for the good for those who love the Lord.”

That’s Totally Supermom

Check out what Shaun had to say about his experience.




Jesus is on the Mainline….Call Him Up!

Ultimately, all prayer is for the glory of God. The best answer He can give to any prayer is whatever answer brings Him the most glory. -The Battle Plan for Prayer

Whats going on, my people? Its been a while since Ive talked to you. Laughed with you. Expressed my frustration with you! But alas, Im back to share some of the things Ive learned.

So, let get going.

Lets talk about the Mainline. The mainline that Jesus is on!

Yes, Honey! So, heres how it all started….

I’ve always wanted a space of my own in my house. Like a little craft room or office, but as of yet I havent been blessed with one…so I thought.

I decided I wanted to start going after my dreams; making things happen right where I am. It may not LOOK like I think it should, but God has given me ALL of my needs. Therefore, my dreams are at my fingertips.

I had previously made a conscious decision to get rid of ALOT of my clothes. I adapted the policy of:

1- Having only as many clothes as I NEED (not want)

I only have 4 pairs of jeans. Can you believe that?

2- only keeping clothes that I absolutely loved how they fit on me. If I only somewhat liked it, it had to go!

So anyway, I realized that the Lord blessed me with an amazing thing.


I began to clean out my closet and give all my clothes away. With all the extra space I was able to create a corner for myself. *claps hands* I was so excited!


I saw the movie WARROOM! OH MAN!! It was like I was getting direct confirmation from God HIMSELF!! If you havent seen it, go see it.

I began to use this space for my devotional time with God, and adapted the A.C.T.S. policy in addition to my prayer journal.

Acts prayer picture

Adoration- When I give this to God, I make sure that its legit. Meaning that I say things that I really mean. At first this was difficult because I didnt really know WHAT to say that would be what I really thought. So, I was real with myself and God. I only said things that I could really idenitfy with. Ex.- You created everything. You know how everything works. You are wiser than I am. Cheesy stuff like that.

Confession- This speaks for itself. Air all that dirty laundry to God that He already knows about.

Thanksgiving- I realized very quickly that there is MUCH to be thankful for. Im so blessed beyond measure!

Supplication- So this is when I start asking for stuff. By this time, I dont ask for what I initially thought Id ask for. Crazy, right.

I feel like this method really puts me in my place:

Adoration: Who God is.

Confession: Who I am.

Thanksgiving: What God has given.

Supplication: What did I “need” again?

Something else that I realized is that God wants to prove Himself to us. He want us to worship Him. Thats what He wants.

Heres the problem….

Do we want, what HE wants for us?


The key to answered prayer is to wholeheartedly desire what God wants for me.

Its that simple.

If we genuinely, in the purest of hearts, want what God wants, He will answer, and be worshiped.

Matthew 6:33- Seek ye first the kingdom of God and HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS and ALL these things will be added unto you.

John 14:13 Whatever you ask in My name, that will I do, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son.

Psalm 139:23 Search me, O God, and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts!

If the heart changes, the prayer changes!

My spiritual life has completely changed, guys!

But that’s another post.

And that my friends is….


Dear God, Give Me Hope…..

God’s Love Radiates Hope 

Hope does not disappoint us, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit that has been given to us.

Romans 5:5

Hope that produces character. The kind of character that You can trust in.

Give me hope that I can find faith. Faith that believes in the things unseen, and trusts that You can do the impossible. Faith that knows that You can do all things, You care, and that Im important to You. You believe in me!

Hope that You will perfect the work that needs to be done in our home- In my marriage and with my children.

Hope that You will provide all our needs and bless us financially so the we can bless others.

Hope that You will daily transform our homeschool into the complete package of education.

Hope that Your future for me is bright and full of your blessings.

Hope that my blog will be a place of ministry and Redeye will show your glory.

Hope that my garden will grow your blessings to share.

Hope that I’ll consume the foods that better embraces healthy living.

Hope that, with faith, I BELIEVE that my soul along with my family rests comfortably with You.

A  Partial Journal Entry From

Totally Supermom

Whatever Comes Our Way, We are Strong and We are Brave.

My beautiful minivan (yes, I said minivan and I also used the adjective beautiful) completely cut off on me! I didnt notice until I hit the gas, and it did nothing.

I turned the van off and turned the key to crank it again.


I repeated the before stated process.


Repeated again about 10 times and nothing.

So, as the people in the vehicles around me were expressing their displeasure that I missed the light, I called my wonderful husband, the firefighter. Im so thankful that I just so happen to be at the very edge of his department’s district. It was his opportunity to rescue me instead of a stranger and that he did. He and one of his fellow firefighters pushed me out of the middle of the busy busy busy street!!

Long story short we were very close to our church and some church family helped us get my precious minivan to the church parking lot.

As all of this was happening, a few things happened:

1- I began to think about how much it would cost to tow and fix the van. (we knew it was the alternator-whatever that is, and I was very far from home or our mechanic)

2- I began to think about how much money was in the bank.

3- Well….Mainly I just went back and forth between 1 and 2.

God is so smart! He knew this would hapen and had impressed me a few weeks prior to start reading a book called “Parenting by the Spirit” by Sally Hohnberger. In the book Sally says this:

Many parents, who have never had a genuine RELATIONSHIP with God, are asking their children to “be good” and fight against Satan without a vital connection with Jesus. How can our children war against powers and principalities without Christ? They cant! We are asking them to do the impossible, and then labeling them rebellious and disobedient when they fail. How crazy we are to send our child to battle with Satan alone, unaided by Divinity

That got me to thinking. I have a relationship with God, but is it sufficient enough to fight against Satan? Is it where I could teach my children how to have a quality relationship with God?

She also says:

One of the biggest tasks we face in parenting today is to help our children overcome wrong habits of thinking, feeling, or reacting and to lead them into right habits in these areas. Without God’s help, this task is impossible. Therefore, He must perform IN US the very work we wish to see performed in our children…..

I just so happened to have read the second quote the morning that my van died. I decided that I was going to make a conscious decision to trust what my God says in His Word.

Isnt God HILARIOUS!!! The morning I made that decision…


The Test.

So I decided to change my thinking. Instead of worrying about money, Id stand on His Word.

He said he’d take care of me.

He said to not worry.

He said to not be afraid.

So, I wasnt.

I was numb! LOL!!!!! Just NUMB! I felt nothing! LOL

I was pleasantly surprised by what he used to minister to me.

He provided me transportation for that day and the next WITHOUT ME ASKING. Thats a whole notha’ post, yall! I was so touched.

But what was even better…..

What he used to melt that numb feeling into joy!

So, we’re riding home and I decide to turn on some music for my babies. I chose this VBS song:


We will trust, trust in GOD ALONE,

We will stand, stand upon HIS WORD,

and WHATEVER comes our way,

We are STRONG, and we are BRAVE.  


I cant depend on my bank account.

I cant depend on my husband’s job.

I cant depend on my family.

I have to depend on God ALONE.

Knowing that WHATEVER comes my way…

I can be STRONG and BRAVE.

He has my back.



Im one step closer to teaching my children how to depend on God.

And guess what? God provided the funds to fix my beautiful van, too!

Happy Sabbath, Yall.

Thats Totally SuperMom

Its all in how you carry it. Let that load GO! Picture taken from Pinterest:

Its all in how you carry it. Let that load GO!
Picture taken from Pinterest:

Great 48 Challenge

Ice cream runner card

Tomorrow Ill be starting the Great48 Fitness Challenge. I saw this last year on instagram. I believe it was started by the instagramer (Is that a word?) @getfitorgetfat.instagramIcon_400x400

Here what you do:

Set boundaries for yourself in exercise and diet,Then, for 48 days, eat and exercise around those boundaries. Everyone sets their own goals. There isnt a blue print to follow.

So her are mine:

1) I have a tendency to skip breakfast, so for the next 48 days my boundary is to at a minimum have a smoothie for breakfast. When I do eat breakfast, I will make sure they are clean eats. Ex. A bowl of granola with soy milk or a boiled egg and toast.

2) I will eat one big meal daily which will be lunch. In that meal, I will make sure at least half of the meal is raw food.

3) Dinner will be simple foods like popcorn, healthy cereal, or fruit.

4) I will exercise in some form daily. On days when I “dont have time”, I will at a minimum do the Seven App. Check it out, its free.

Ive decided to add a spiritual and self-rewarding component to this challenge.

1) Every morning I will present myself to God. I will talk to him like he’s my friend, and ask for his guidance throughout the day.

2) I will do something for myself daily. I will create something, exercise my talents, pamper myself, etc.


Tomorrow is Day 1.

Will power Lord, will power!!!

Thats TotallySuperMom

First Day of School!!! Uh…Two Days Ago!

Two days ago was the first day of school in the Sedlacek home. This year I decided to wait until after my oldest daughter’s birthday to start. Every year, I want to do first day of school pics and dont. I determined to not do that again this year. I headed over to pinterest which landed me HERE, and I printed out these cool signs. They were originally pennants, but oh well! At least I took the pictures! LOL!


My Oldest Baby

My Oldest Baby

He really surprised me. We wont be fooling with pre-k for long.

He really surprised me. We wont be fooling with pre-k for long.

Baby girl. Cute as a button.

Baby girl. Cute as a button.


Thats Totally Supermom

If you have to buy it on credit, you cant afford it. ~ Dave Ramsey (paraphrased)

I have a yearning for the hearts of my children.

We live in a world where companies PURPOSEFULLY market to children. They plant seeds in the hearts of our kids to long for whatever the company is selling.

Cereal, bikes, video games, mac and cheese!!

They even sell the dream that if you buy this thing, you’ll be happy.

Which is very believable. We teach our children this same thing through our behavior.

When I get that new car, Ill be happy.

When I get that new phone, Ill be happy.

When I get that dream house, Ill be happy.

Feeling down? Ill buy me something new, now im happy. 

We create the gimmies in our children because we have the wannas.

We buy them clothes they dont wear. Toys they dont play with. Rooms decked out in the latest Disney or Nick Jr characters.

We even chastise them for messing up those clothes they didnt ask for in the first place.

What happened to practicality? Living within your means? Being content with what you have? Thankfulness for what God has given.

We seek entertainment and worldly treasures.

Surely God doesnt want us to live without, but I do believe that He wants us to appreciate the simple things. Those things that really arent things.

Im learning these lessons, and I hope to plant bigger seeds than the ones that are planted by the masters of marketing. 


Just as the rich rule over the poor, the borrower is slave to the lender.  Proverbs 22:7

Thats Totally Supermom

Staying Focused- The Vision Wall

Hey guys! See, I told you I was back!!!

In 10 Things That Happened While I Was Gone I had LOTS to share with you that I wanted to show you later.

This post will cover numbers 2, 3, and 7. Mostly 7.

I have trouble staying focused. Ive learned that my goals are consistently the same, but I really struggle with remembering to execute them. For that reason, I usually start the year strong and by December forget all about it. The goal is still something im passionate about and burns within my soul but I rarely get it done the way I would like, not because I dont want to do it, but I just get distracted VERY easily for various reasons.

One year, a good friend of mine (HEY CANDACE) invited me to a vision board party. We went to this nice boutique with our poster boards and magazines to make vision boards. Guys, I was soooo confused! LOL What am I suppose to do with these magazines? Cut what out? For what? LOL!! I did eventually create what is now my yearly tradition. I even sometimes have a party of my own. Ive expanded and now instead of a board, I have an area.

Come with me as I give you a tour!

Vision Wall

This area is located in my room on a small wall.


The above picture is a shot of the entire area. Its on a small wall in my bedroom, so it looks like my “office”…a very creative office. Some call it organized chaos. Let me tell you, everything means something. Every spot. Every piece of paper. Even where its placed. Its all for a purpose. I call it my little heaven. The banner over the top says, “Thats Totally Supermom”. You get it? You will by the end of this post. It was given to me by my wonderful husband that threw me a supermom party.

The Green board is 2013’s vision board.

2014 Vision Board

                  2014 Vision Board

Above is my vision board for the 2014. I unconsciously have placed a center piece in every vision board Ive made. I realized this after looking over my past few vision boards. This year the center piece is that piece of paper that says “It will change my life”. Everything else surrounds it, and is divided into sections. Top Right- focuses on me. My dreams. My health. My fitness. My eating habits. Bottom right- friendships, artistic goals, reminder to read and let go of what I cant control. Bottom- Summer Vacation (Did it), the desire to travel (kind of did it), wanting a new couch (got one) among some other household items. Bottom left- My spiritual life, plugging into the power God gives (I need to work on that) Top Left- Some family goals. Top center- Goals for my marriage. *wink wink*

I know some people that will change their board to go with the changes throughout the year. I dont do that because I like to see how Ive grown in the past year. So as I change, I add stuff around it.

Reminds me of who is in control and who my power (in my vision board) comes from.

Reminds me of who is in control and who my power (in my vision board) comes from.

Given to me by my church women's group.

Given to me by my church women’s group.

Here is a close up of one of the really special things on my wall. My name was inserted in the Bible verse Jeremiah 29:11. It really touched me because it was so personal. Almost as if God himself was talking to me. I also found my love cup being filled just because the ladies took the time to do this.


Helps me remember to relax, and bust a sweat. :-)

Helps me remember to relax, and bust a sweat. 🙂

If you can read the pink heart and enjoy watching “The Sound of Music”, you may get a kick out of that.

Sometimes I need a reminder to do those things I love.

Sometimes I need a reminder to do those things I love.

Gum Package

Gum Package

This was given to me by a really good friend. It was so simple but so special. It made the wall. 🙂


So now, you got to see my vision wall, my mint colored desk that I refurbished, and my orange walls. Really Guys, it was a totally accident gone fabulous.(The walls)

But here’s really why I do my vision board:

Matthew 6:22-23 (NIV)- The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eyes are unhealthy, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness!

My vision board is the light to my eyes. It reminds me daily of my purpose, my goals, my worth, my love, and the list goes on. It gives me perspective. Stay positive, Court. One day at a time, Courtni. Get your tail up and work out. Yes honey, its ok to leave your kids to go do things that make you happy. You like what you do, remember? You dont need affirmation from the world to do what God tells you. God doesnt call the equipped, He equips the called.

How’s your Vision?

Thats Totally Supermom

(Did you get it?)




Divine 29

My second born celebrating my birthday with me.

My second born celebrating my birthday with me.


Today’s my birthday!!

Happy Birthday to me!!!

I celebrated yesterday, though. My husband is a firefighter and has to do his duty.

Now, before you get him for not requesting off or getting someone to work for him, he did try but was unsuccessful. This is why we celebrated yesterday.

My husband and kids took me to this amazing trampoline warehouse-like place. Lots of fun and a great workout.

Then off to dinner with about 25 of my family members and friends. I love spending time with my people!

Anyway, I decided I would come up with something called the DIVINE 29. 

29 goals Id like to accomplish this year. Participating in events, fitness goals, trip Id like to take, etc. I realized quickly that I needed a little more time to think over what I really want to accomplish in my last year of my 20s. Sounds like a pretty good future bog post!

Thats Totally Supermom

and If you didnt notice, I had a Totally Supermom party. My husband is pretty clever, huh?