Great 48 Challenge

Ice cream runner card

Tomorrow Ill be starting the Great48 Fitness Challenge. I saw this last year on instagram. I believe it was started by the instagramer (Is that a word?) @getfitorgetfat.instagramIcon_400x400

Here what you do:

Set boundaries for yourself in exercise and diet,Then, for 48 days, eat and exercise around those boundaries. Everyone sets their own goals. There isnt a blue print to follow.

So her are mine:

1) I have a tendency to skip breakfast, so for the next 48 days my boundary is to at a minimum have a smoothie for breakfast. When I do eat breakfast, I will make sure they are clean eats. Ex. A bowl of granola with soy milk or a boiled egg and toast.

2) I will eat one big meal daily which will be lunch. In that meal, I will make sure at least half of the meal is raw food.

3) Dinner will be simple foods like popcorn, healthy cereal, or fruit.

4) I will exercise in some form daily. On days when I “dont have time”, I will at a minimum do the Seven App. Check it out, its free.

Ive decided to add a spiritual and self-rewarding component to this challenge.

1) Every morning I will present myself to God. I will talk to him like he’s my friend, and ask for his guidance throughout the day.

2) I will do something for myself daily. I will create something, exercise my talents, pamper myself, etc.


Tomorrow is Day 1.

Will power Lord, will power!!!

Thats TotallySuperMom

10 Things That Happened While I Was Gone

 Hello Everyone,

Its been a while since Ive posted.

Lets see…

1- I moved…twice. Twice in 4 months to be exact.

2.I painted the inside of my new house orange and absolutely loved it!

3. I refinished a desk and painted it mint which pops greatly against my orange walls. *giggle*

4. I planted a garden using the Back to Eden method. Made my garden so much easier to maintain.

5. Speaking of gardens, I learned not to plant 5 cucumber plants next to each other. (Pics coming soon)

6. I also learned not to plant a watermelon plant next to the cucumbers.

7. I now have a vision wall that gives me life! Ill post about that soon.

8. I started and didnt stick to a healthier lifestyle plan more than a dozen times.

9. I learned that breaks are like air and food. I have to take breaks in order to survive.

10. Random but Fourth of July came around and I crafted with my children. We made cute little handprint flag shirts.

I think I’ll be forever catching you guys up on everything that has happened, but here’s something that I discovered that seems to stick out above everything else.

I was feeling rather discouraged guys. VERY discouraged. I questioned if I was a good mother, a good Christian, a good friend, a good wife, and sometimes a good person. I counted all my faults, and none of my gifts. All of my defects of character and none of my good deeds. I was struggling. I desperately needed guidance. I found it.

Matthew 6:33 says, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.”

Its a common quoted verse. Ive read that verse over and over again in my life, but this time it really struck me. Earlier in the chapter, Jesus is telling us not to worry about what we would eat or drink or what we would wear. Clearly if nature goes without want, we would be taken care of. Even in our sinful nature, we know how to give food to our children. Doesnt God want to give that to us. 

Ive always read this verse as God provides. Yes, I know. I know God provides. It was redundant, but this time I REALLY heard it. 

This verse says:

Courtni (Supermom), dont worry about if youre a good mother, seek me and you’ll be one.

Courtni (Supermom), dont worry about if youre failing your children, seek me and you’ll be a success.

Courtni (Supermom), dont worry about if you have the money to cover that bill, be a good steward, and Ill take care of the rest.

Courtni (Supermom), Its ok that you made that mistake, seek me and Ill help you out of it.

Courtni (Supermom), dont worry about if you are a good wife, seek me and Ill make sure you have the tools to make you a good wife.

Courtni (Supermom), dont worry about all those things that are on your heart, give them to me, and Ill supply the solution.


I saw the intimacy in this verse. I saw it!

I also discovered that I have a bad habit of trying to handle everything all on my own.

He says just ask.

Im doing my best to remember that.

Thats Totally Supermom

Fourth of July T-shirts

The babies in the flag t-shirts they made. They werent that excited when I pitched the idea of doing the shirt, but were totally siked at the results.



Tomorrow is My BIRTHDAY!

Im excited that tomorrow is my birthday.

Celebrating ** whole years of living! (Did you REALLY think Id tell you?)


I asked my daughter if I could sleep in tomorrow and she and my sister (17 yr old) get up and take care of my two youngest children. She said yes.

Now lets see what REALLY happens.

Anywho, I was thinking to myself about the next year ahead of me and what Id like to accomplish.

You know, just for me.

Lets see what did I come up with?

1) Id like to do more things for myself. For example, Id like to take a night away from my children at least once a quarter. Just me. Time to think and breathe in the quiet. Id also like to do more things with my friends- more girl nights or lunch dates. Feel me? But the thing that has been on my mind recently, is running a 5k, HOLD UP! Lets make this clear. I HATE running. Its not my thing, BUT Ive been seeing these cool 5ks. One called the “Color Run” and the other called something like “Neon Vibe”. The thought of paint being tossed on me seems like so much fun!!! Doesnt it? I laugh at myself.

2) Id like to lighten my load. I think Im involved in too much. I think I shall get off of a few ministries and just devote more time to myself and my family.

3) Well…. thats about as far as Ive gotten.

*shrug* Im sure Ill think of more!
Thats Totally Supermom

I Am.. Who I Am… I Think.

Im a homeschooler. Yes, I am. And I LOVE it.

Im a mother. Yes, I am. And I LOVE it.

Im a wife. Yes, I am. And I LOVE it.

But there are tons of other things I am, but I find myself not having time to dive into those parts of me.

Im a fitness enthusiast. But now that Ive started my school year, (yes, already) I found that I dont have as much free time to hit the gym.

Im an artist. But I dont seem to have alone or quiet time to play with my paints. Oh, yes. The kids will def decide to create WITH mommy.

Im a writer. But who has time to write? I barely keep this thing up.

Im a chef. But I HATE cleaning my kitchen. That may very well be why Im afraid to cook. Especially with my new love! (The CLEAN kitchen)

Im a counselor. But I dont have the graduate degree, but OHHHHH do I counsel. (im ok with that. I HATE school. Not homeschooling, of course. Shoot, I wish I was homeschooled!) I just wish I could get paid for it.

SIGH I have so many other things that are a part of me.

In these next few weeks, I will strive to honor more of the deeper parts of me instead of staying in the rat race.

I will.

I Shall


I Hope….

Thats Totally Supermom

Feelings Arent Facts, Honey.

In my experience in homeschooling/SAHM-hood, Ive often received messages from family members, friends, and even the stranger on the street, that I really dont do anything….well…important.

There is nothing challenging about what I do.

Nothing exciting.

Im just lazy.

Wasting talent.

Doing nothing.

My contribution to the world is very little.

At first, it use to bother me. I mean, Im raising my children. That’s an amazing contribution to this world- A world that promotes the separation of family.

Have you met my kids?

There’s nothing boring about any of them. And with these set of kids, it would be more lazy of me to go to work.

I promise.

I pour blood, sweat, and tears into these kids. How is that wasting talent?

And Im never home, so I REALLY dont understand the whole “you dont do anything” mentality.

There are so many reasons I love staying home with my babies:

1) I havent missed any of their milestones.

2)  I get to know them in a way that I wouldnt if I sent them to school.

3)They get to know me in a way they wouldnt had I sent them to school.

4)Im a part of their daily learning experience: Physically, Mentally, Spiritually, and Emotionally.

I mean…Do I need a list? I REALLY LIKE MY KIDS!

What I most appreciate about staying home with my children is what it does for my CHARACTER.

Not just learning patience.

Or better ways to discipline.

But the REAL stuff!

I had to do some serious reflecting this week.

My daughter and I were doing Math this week. As we were doing the lesson, I noticed her eyes were getting a little watery. After asking what was wrong, I found out that she felt that the work was too hard. She was discouraged. Now, My daughter is in third grade and beginning the first stages of algebra. Problems that look like:

x+y= 10

x-y= 8



Much different from the usual 24+10=      or      9×9=

She felt it was hard. Too hard. She wanted to quit.

So, you think you know where Im going? Continue reading…

I pushed her through the lesson and when she had completed her required problems, she wanted to know her grade.

She buried her head in my lap fearing of what my answer would be.

I pulled up her grade, and showed it to her.

What was the grade?


She looked in awe. How could she have possibly gotten an A? She felt that she had done so terrible!

Ah ha! Feeling Arent Facts!

I held my daughter close and explained to her how talented she is. Brains, Beauty, Athleticism, and can already cook made-from-scratch pancakes.- her husband is gonna hit a gold mind if I must say so myself!

Things get hard. But just because they feel hard, doesnt mean you arent 100%. I loved her up and filled her love cup with other affirmations.


After the discussion, I had to really think about that. Where does she get off thinking that she is anything other than 100%!?

Then it hit me.

I needed to take a look in the mirror.

Dont get me wrong, Im not talking about academia here. Im talking about life.

How many times have I walked down different paths in life thinking that I was not 100%?

“Oh yes, I painted that picture, but that doesnt make me a good painter…but thanks for the compliment on my painting.”

“Oh yes, I took that picture, and that picture, and that picture…but that doesnt make me a good photographer.”

“Oh yes, Ive broken several statistics without the help of significant people, but that doesnt mean im a good role model or that people look up to me.”

And the list goes on and on and on.

Whats your deal? Do you FEEL that your arent as good as your are?

Well, Feelings arent facts, Honey.

Look in the mirror and give yourself credit where the credit is due.

Honey, Thats Totally SupermomImage


This is a rant.

A rant about clothes.

A rant about the world, moms, and clothes.

Questions? I have some.

1) Is it that deep that I dont wear fancy shoes on a regular basis? I mean, it gets pretty hard to chase after my three kids in uncomfortable shoes. I would like to actually be able to RUN to catch my son before he gets hit by a car.

Oh? Discipline you say? Lets not go there….

2) I attend a pretty laid back church. Is it THAT deep that I dress up on Sabbath? I would like to participate in my children’s worship experience. I would also feel a little embarrassed about showing my “goodies” to my church member’s husband while singing “Jumping Up and Down” in Children’s Church.

Dont participate that way? Not gonna happen.

3) Why is it if I go shopping, I become an automatic fashion rescue mission 007? If its cute AND comfortable, Ill wear it. If its in any way uncomfortable, doesnt look good on me, or immodest (tight, short, or anything that I would have to tell my daughter that she couldnt wear) I wont wear it. PERIOD.

Oh, Im a grandma? Your opinion doesnt matter.

You know, I would like to live a life of balance.

When I have the funds to shop, I do. When I dont, I dont. When youre married to a public service employee (fireman) and choose to stay home, these things sometimes happen.

I just want to give my kids as much of me as I can, without taking from myself.

Lets be real here. Ive had THREE kids. That means my wardrobe changed THREE times!

After three body changes, it gets a little tricky.

There’s the” breastfeeding wardrobe” vs the “once the milk has dried up wardrobe”.

You gain and drop cup sizes and cant wear certain clothes due to…lets say…lack of accessibility.

Then there’s the “my baby left me with this fuller figure” wardrobe vs ” what happened to that figure wardrobe”

You once couldnt wear a certain top or pants due to the tire of belly fat around your waist , or the butt you gained carrying the bowling ball! Then its gone…or changes…and your left trying to figure out what clothes and sizes fit you best. That totally changes your shopping techniques!


Im just having fun, and Im not worried about my clothes. Unless I feel i need to.

But one thing I can tell you.

Im shining bright within.

No matter if I had on the hottest outfit on the market, if I dont shine bright within, I wouldnt feel good about myself.

Id rather shine within. Wouldnt you?

PS- I dont look like a grandma and my opinion is all that matters.

Thats Totally Supermom